Through a series of short videos voorlopers (pioneers) help us to find inspiration and hope in times of threatening changes to the climate and earth we have grown familiar with. Nature is essential to our survival and we need to move from a simplistic human-first view to a circular concept.


What do we do

Voorlopers creates short and inspiring videos over pioneering initiatives in Utrecht which help us make the step towards a circular economy and community. Hands-on and cool, these videos show you what’s possible – even on a small scale. This is not Hippie. This is mainstream. 


Fundraising: What will we use the money for

We want to capture the stories of those pioneering heroes we can learn so much from. Within the next 6 months we want to create 5+ videos and share these on online platforms and at events. Finding initiatives, interviewing people, recording + editing. This all takes time and effort and we need your help to spread these awesome ideas, ultimately in partnership with professional platforms to increase the coverage.

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