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projects we support

Cycling 4 Climate supports awesome local initiatives which contribute to sustainability in and around Utrecht. The entire money that comes our way through the fundraising event will be donated to the projects below (more to follow). It has been our goal to target different types of initiatives; hands-on, creative, inspiring, and anything in-between. You can follow the progress of the projects here.

Our bees in The Netherlands have had a difficult time lately. Bee without home organises workshops creating sustainable bee hotels from recycled and used material.

The workshops take place at least once a month all over Utrecht. Here you learn everything you need to know about how to build and maintain bee hotels – and of course how to. Continue reading.

Through a series of short videos voorlopers (pioneers) help us to find inspiration and hope in times of threatening changes to the climate and earth we have grown familiar with. This is not Hippie. This is mainstream. Continue reading.

Climate-friendly choices is the new black. Discover how in workshops, with humour and hands-on. This is your gateway to learn how you can participate in the climate transition. First one in your network? Be the inspiration others can use to make a change and be part of the new normal. Continue reading.