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La bande des copain pédalé pour le climat

What a day! A lot of work was done beforehand to make sure everything was perfect… but of course, there are always unforeseen events. Flat tires, and even a crash in the descent… it was frightening at the time but we have to face it and move forward. Together. Like in the fight against global warming: face up, act and move forward. Together.

Mickaël Jardin from Velor reflects on this memorable day: “At the finish line, all the 40 participants were more than delighted with this memorable adventure! 310 km of cycling with 3000 meters of altitude was a leap into the unknown for most of the cyclists present. To draw a parallel with the battle against global warming, we had to show solidarity and mutual aid to complete this ride before sunset, in less than 11 hours, at an average speed of over 29km/h. The feedback in the media is very positive, far beyond what we could have imagined. Cycling 4 Climate is now known in France!

And what a joy it was to see 25 year old friends getting involved, encouraging, helping and telling you that they became aware of certain things thanks to this day but also and especially during the weeks of preparation. That’s why we give our time and energy.
What a pleasure it is also to meet new people around a common passion and a noble cause.

We would of course like to thank the partners who have made this first French Climate Classic possible. Suez, Ford (DMD group) for the loan of electric vehicles, MuleBar for providing us with the necessary energy but also the clubs of Paimpol and TBLG who organized the refreshments… and of course, a big thank you to our friends and volunteers at Velor and Cycling 4 Climate for their support.

The participants of this first edition are already looking forward to 2023 and those who missed it are eager to join the movement we have started.”