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Do you have the guts to organize a climate ride in your country?

After the first successful Climate Classic in the Netherlands in 2020, the Cycling 4 Climate peloton rolled further into  Belgium, France, Poland and Italy! Together we go faster and have more impact.

It is our aim to ignite climate rides in all EU countries in 2025. Therefore we need you: energetic, cyclist with a brave heart. Join our community, get support and have the best time of your life!

Our Journey

Cycling 4 Climate was founded in 2019 and the first Climate Classic, a 375km ride along the future coastline of the Netherlands, was held in 2020. 

In 2021 over 600 cyclist joined the second edition of the Climate Classic and the concept also rolled into Belgium. In 2022 the French version, Cyclo pour le Climat, took off in Brittany.

With Poland (over 300 participants in the first ride!!) and Italy joining the peloton in 2023, we’re convinced that we can cycle for climate in all EU member states in 2025.

Together with Deloitte we developed a clear playbook that will help you to get started quickly: Time is our only challenge!

What is a Climate Classic?

A Climate Classic has three distinctive elements:

Challenge It must be a considerable athletic effort. The distance must capture the imagination. Ideally the track is so long that you can only accomplish it together. Of course, there may be shorter stretches for less trained participant.

Climate The route of the Climate Classic should have an obvious link with climate change: sea level rise, drought, vanishing glaciers, wildfires, capital of the country etc.. 

Commitment Participants can only attend it they agree upon our Carbon Code of Conduct*. This means they should measure their footprint, develop a plan to reduce it and ideally even compensate their (historic) emissions over their lifetime.

Belgium 2022

France 2022

Poland 2023

Our Changemakers

Mickael Jardin

Malgosia Bartosik & Dominik Gajerski 

Marcello Faggio

Your Journey, Our Support

Based on our experience we developed a playbook that gives an overview of what it takes to organize a Climate Classic. 

During your journey we support you with a website, clothing, marketing & communications power and a team of experts.

Because alone you can go fast, together we go faster and further.

If you have the guts and energy to bring our positive movement to your country, leave your contact details and a short motivation we’ll get on the pedals!



These are the #ClimateStripes. They show the global average temperature increase since the start of the industrial revolution in 1850.
More information on the #ClimateStripes can be found here.