Frequently asked questions

It might happen that after signing up you will not receive a confirmation, although it was processed in our backend. Apologies if that has happened. Just get in touch by sending an e-mail to

No problem at all. Just send an e-mail to and we will sort you out with a new ticket. If there is a difference in the ticket price, we will either refundvoor je kunnen aanmaken. Wil je in plaats van 375km of 250km toch liever 125 km fietsen? Dan krijg je het verschil in inschrijfgeld teruggestort. Heb je je ingeschreven voor 125 km, maar wil je toch liever meer kilometers maken? Dan vragen we je om het verschil in inschrijfgeld over te maken.

Yes!  Send us an e-mail ( or give us a call during office hours: 030-8774491 

Until Wednesday 9th June. But full = full

Company teams can sign up until Sunday 6th June.

Who doesn’t? So we are cool with this as long as you have signed up for the same time slot. 

Are you sure? The Climate Classic is a ‘life changing event’, so better sleep over it. But if you wake up the next day and your mind has not changed let us know. 

If you have to cancel, the following applies:

Cancellation up to 10 days before the event (4th June 2021) requires you to pay EUR50 (the rest will be refunded). This way we can ensure that costs associated with the clothing (shirt, socks, delivery, administration) are covered. Cancellation after the above deadline requires you to pay the full amount without any refund. In both cases the shirt and socks will be delivered to you regardless. If you manage to find a replacement, you will be subject to no cancellation fee. However bear in mind that the sizes for the shirt and the socks are fixed.

First have a look in your e-mail inbox, there will likely be a message from “Your Ticket Provider”. Can’t find the e-mail, send us an e-mail with your details to

At the start in Breda or Utrecht you can hand us over your belongings and we make sure that you can pick it up at the finish. That implies – of course – that you have no access to your stuff during the tour. Ergo, make sure that you take all belongings that you need with you on your bike. There are plenty of opportunities to refill your bottle and grab a bite. But a wise cyclist once said it’s handy to have a back-up banana in your pockets. 

No. Climate change impacts all of our lives. However, kids (< 18) need to be supervised by a parent (or similar: 18+). 

Yes of course. Person A and person B can cycle half the distance each. 180km is a reputable distance. And if you have an EV (eletric vehicle) to take of your baggage and transportation, we are all good. With regards to meals (food, provisions) and attire (shirt, socks) you both need to sign-up though.

Potentially. But just to be sure we would advise to bring a batter pack and a charging cable with you. 

Fantastic! You are a star. The last thing we want to encourage is consumer behaviour that leads to unnecessary shirts in your closet. So how about you donate your C4C shirt to a student, use it for a CO2 compensation project, of alternatively you receive a part of your sign-up fee (€ 30) back. First you register for the Climate Classic (and indicate which size you need for the new shirt) and then fill out this form to indicate your preference of the above options.

We think there are many parallels between climate change and Covid-19. Have a go at this article (in Dutch). But of course, we are up-to-date with the latest developments and guidelines from the government. Given what we currently know, we are confident that we can organise a corona-proof event. We houden logischerwijs alle ontwikkelingen in de gaten en houden ons aan de corona regels. If it appears that the Climate Classic can’t take place on Monday 14th June due to Covid-19, there is a back-up plan. We will do our very best to move the date to Monday 12 July.

Enough! In Breda we start with coffee and a banana. Bring some nutrition bars for the bit to Utrecht as you see fit. There is a provision stop in Den Bosch where we will provide snacks. In Utrecht (next provision stop) there is coffee, cola and cake. At Telstar Beach club in Harderwijk lunch will be offered: vegan of course.  Between lunch en finish there are two additional provision stops with water and snacks. Ultimately we want you to look fantastic by the time you arrive in Groningen where a big pasta party awaits you. All vegan or vegetarian. If you require any special consideration with regards to dietary requirements, please send us an e-mail to

Well then you should check out and become a member. Now!