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Pro Cycling

Is the peloton ready for Paris?

Professional cycling teams are challenged to sprint for sustainability

Professional cycling teams are invited to participate in the Pro-Cycling Sustainability Survey

The survey will look at the performance and sustainability ambitions in professional cycling. The Pro-Cycling Sustainability Survey is an initiative of the Cycling 4 Climate and was developed in cooperation with Utrecht University. The survey is open till the end of November 2023.

To get prepared and be inspired, watch the recent webinar. BEAT cycling is raising the bar on sustainability. During this webinar they shared their experiences, challenges and results. 

The webinar

The sheets of the webinar can be found here

The seven survey questions:

Paris is still far

In 2015, a global climate agreement was reached in Paris and agreed to keep global temperature warming well below 2°C.

"These agreements are not without obligation. All countries, organizations and individuals should comply with the 'Carbon Law' and reduce their CO2 emissions by at least 10% annually. We are curious to see if and how the Paris Agreement has been implemented in the pro peloton."said former pro cyclist and sustainability expert Petra Dijkman of Cycling 4 Climate.

To measure is to know

Power, cadence, gradient, food: everything is accurately measured and tracked nowadays for an optimal performance of the riders. Paul Schot from Utrecht University states: "For the climate and sustainability this should actually be the same. That is why we want to know from the teams what their current carbon and material footprint is and what their ambitions are on sustainability. This initiative fits seamlessly into our strategic research area."

Together you go faster

Recently BEAT cycling, a the Dutch cycling team, announced their sustainability strategy which included their ambition to share their best practices and experiences with other teams. "It's like a peloton: Alone you go fast, but together you'll go much faster, that's how we need to beat climate change as well." according to Edwin Gulickx, co-founder and director of BEAT cycling.

The Carbon Law

To keep our planet liveable, we need to halve our carbon emissions every decade and start to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. This is known as the Carbon Law and is applicable for all countries, sectors, companies, individuals and ... cycling teams!

The Survey

The survey has been developed in cooperation with Utrecht University in 2022. It consist of seven questions on sustainability measures, carbon footprint, targets and responsibility. It will take no more than 15 minutes to fill.

At your request we can also schedule a (video) call to get more background and interaction how we together can accelerate sustainable performance in the sector. 

In partnership with

Utrecht University is a wide-range, international research university of high standing. We have a strong connection to the city of Utrecht and our roots lie deep in the past (1636). Our teaching and research are strongly connected. We work together in tight communities. We believe equality, diversity and inclusion are important. All this provides us with a solid base from which to work with others around the globe on the societal issues of the future.

We are not a traditional cycling team with a sponsor who determines our identity and our survival. BEAT is a professional cycling club, with its own name and club colors. A club with a First Team and where everyone can become a Rider.


These are the #ClimateStripes. They show the global average temperature increase since the start of the industrial revolution in 1850.
More information on the #ClimateStripes can be found here.