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Monday 14th June: the second edition of the Climate Classic. Circa 375km along the future coastline - a coastline that may become reality by the end of this century if climate change continues the way it is predicted right now.

Is 375km too much, because you couldn't train as hard as you would have liked to? No problem, you can also chose other distances: 125km (Breda - Utrecht) or 250km (Utrecht - Groningen).

If you aim to finish in Groningen it is going to be a race against time to make it to the finish before it is dark. Depending on your (average) pace, you will likely be sitting on your saddle for 13 - 16 hours (Breda - Groningen). Please be aware that this requires proper training and a perfect condition. Of course we provide ample opportunity to stop, rest, and fill up your water bottle and your food basket. But remember, Time is our only challenge! And be quick, there are limited spots available. Full = full.

375 km


Required condition
athletic 100%
  • Climate Stripes shirt and socks*
  • Start in Breda from 5:15 (coffee + banana)
  • 5 provision stops along the route
  • Festive finish & pasta in Groningen
  • GPX file for the route
  • Medical- and technical support

€ 95

125 km


Required condition
good 50%
  • Climate Stripes shirts and socks*
  • Start in Breda from 6:45 (coffee + banana)
  • 1 provision stop half-way
  • Festive finish & cake in Utrecht
  • GPX file for the route
  • Medical- and technical support

€ 60

250 km


Required condition
high 70%
  • Climate Stripes shirt and socks*
  • Start in Utrecht from 8:00 (coffee and cake)
  • 3 provision stops
  • Festive finish & pasta in Groningen
  • GPX file for the route
  • Medical- and technical support

€ 95

*Check out the size chart here. Sizes are different (larger) than last year's attire.
Already bought a C4C shirt last year? Scroll down

Start times

The first participants of the 375km distance (Breda - Groningen) will start from 5:15. You can indicate your preferred start time when you sign up. The following averages will give you an indication about the differences in expectations in the start blocks.

  • 28 km/h Start from 5:15 or 5:30
  • 30 km/h Start from 5:45 or 6:00
  • 32 km/h Start from 6:15 or 6:30
Participants of the 125km distance (Breda - Utrecht) start at 6:45 and 7:00 in Breda. Participants of the 250km distance (Utrecht - Groningen) start between 8:00 and 9:00 in Utrecht.

Carbon commitment

The aim of the Climate Classic tour pivots around raising awareness for the detrimental implications of climate change. But awareness it not enough. We want to make an impact.

As always: together we are stronger. And as a participant of the Climate Classic you agree to contribute. And we want you to start with yourself and your friends/family/colleagues by reducing your carbon footprint.

Something that you can do to reduce CO2 (on top of the cycling). Think omitting the consumption of meat for half a year, starting that conversation with your neighbour around solar panels, becoming a member of a local energy-cooperation, taking the train to go on holiday, planting trees and/or financially compensating your carbon footprint. We will provide you with more information leading up to the big day.

Carbon Law

The Carbon Law: our CO2 footprint needs to be reduced by half every 10 years.

Transport back from Groningen to Utrecht and Breda

There are multiple ways to get back to Utrecht and/or Breda. You might have friends or family pick you up or you might take the train back. However, bear in mind that the capacity for bicycles in the intercity trains from Groningen are limited. Hence, we have organised two shuttle buses for you (and your bike).

Shuttle service
The cost of the shuttle service is € 35,- per person (incl. bike). This applies to both: Groningen - Utrecht and Groningen - Breda. The bus only leaves if we have 30 registrations for a ride (minimising the carbon footprint). If there are less than 30 registrations we will be in touch before 31st May. 

The shuttle service is provided by the Wielerbus company and can be booked at registration.

Climate Stripes shirt & socks

Climate change is an abstract concept. The climate stripes visualise the average temperature of the last 150 years. One aspect becomes very clear: the last 20 years were warm. Very warm. As a matter of fact, they were the hottest temperatures ever recorded. In order to raise awareness every participant will cycle in the climate stripes shirt and socks (included in your sign up fee). Check out the size table and other details here.

Used materials
The shirts and socks are made with 100% recycled materials. This is one way how we are trying to minimise the impact on the environment.

Do you already have a Cycling 4 Climate shirt from last year?
The last thing we want to encourage is consumer behaviour that leads to unnecessary shirts in your closet. So how about you donate your C4C shirt to a student, use it for a CO2 compensation project, or alternatively you receive a part of your sign-up fee(€ 30) back. First you register for the Climate Classic (and indicate which size you need for the new shirt) and then fill out this form to indicate your preference of the above options.

Background and visuals of the Climate Stripes can be found here.

Spending the night & luggage

Do you want to be well-rested and minimise any stress to get to the start? You can book a room at the Princeville Hotel in Breda. We recommend that you reserve your room early on by sending an e-mail to We have organised a discount code for participants: "PRI-GF52806". € 89,- (excl. tourist tax) will give you a 2person bedroom incl. breakfast. You can store your bike in your hotel room.

On Sunday night you are invited to join us at the pasta buffet. You can book this add-on during the registration or at a later stage.

If you let us know we can transport your baggage (preferably as little as possible) to your finish location.

Hotel Princeville

Hotel Princeville

From marginal gains to a Circular Revolution

The guide for all cycling fanatics! From UCI to manufacturer, from shop assistant to cyclist, everyone can contribute to the 'circular revolution'. A revolution that will allow us to make the usage and processing of finite resources, the associate pollution, CO2 emissions and waste a thing of the past. A revolution that leads to better products for the consumer, better business models for the industry and a chance for our planet to breathe. 

The book was researched and written by Erik Bronsvoort & Matthijs Gerrits, based on their experiences in the cycling industry.

We have been able to secure every participant a discount of €8,-. You can indicate this during the registration process. Even better, Erik will personally sign your book and hand it over at the finish line.

Circular Revolution

The bible for the sustainable cyclist

Cycling 4 Climate, Central Events & Corona

Central Events focuses on organising cycling events. We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with Central Events for the organisation of the second edition of the Climate Classic. Please respect and follow all corona-related rules and regulations during the tour.

If it appears that the Climate Classic can't take place on Monday 14th June due to Covid-19, there is a back-up plan. We will do our very best to move the date to Monday 12 July. If Covid-19 will be the reason to cancel the event on 12 July (plan b), we will refund a part of the registration fee. The attire (shirt, socks) will be delivered to your address nevertheless.

Experiences from last year

Expected arrival times

LocationEntry 375 km tripEntry 120 km tripEntry 250 km trip
Breda05:30 - 0 km06:15 - 0 km
Den Bosch (stop)07:10 - 50 km08:00 - 50 km
Utrecht (stop)09:10 - 110 km10:15 - 110 km8:00 - 0 km
Hilversum10:55 - 140 km9:00 - 30 km
Harderwijk (lunch stop)12:15 - 180 km11:30 - 70 km
Zwolle14:45 - 225 km13:45 - 105 km
Dalfsen (stop)16:45 - 285 km16:00 - 175 km
Noordwolde (stop)18:50 - 325 km18:00 - 215 km
Groningen20:30 - 375 km20:00 - 250 km

Stay tuned!

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