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Cycling 4 Climate Shop

Do you care about the climate and want to be stylish on your bike? Then order the official Cycling 4 Climate cycling outfit here! We keep the price low so as many people as possible can order it. Can you and do you want to contribute to our cause? Then a voluntary donation is highly appreciated. The products are made as much as possible from recycled yarn, produced in Europe and transported as CO2 neutral as possible. Our suppliers are actively working on sustainability.


From marginal gains to a circular revolution
Authors: Erik Bronsvoort & Matthijs Gerrits

From marginal gains to a circular revolution is a handbook for the entire cycling world. From UCI to manufacturer, from retailer to cyclist, everyone can contribute to the realisation of a 'circular revolution'. A revolution that makes the extraction of finite resources, pollution, CO2 emissions and waste in the bicycle industry a thing of the past. A revolution that provides better products for consumers, better earning models for the industry and the chance for our planet to recover. 

Order it as a paperback or e-book on the Circular Cycling website.