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Throughout the country,KlimaatGesprekken organises six-part workshop series for the living room. In these, you learn to reduce your climate impact and to discuss this with others. We explore what you can do to make more climate-friendly choices, in a way that suits your own situation and goals. A climate coach provides support and practical tips.

You also learn how to have a climate discussion with your family, your friends, at the sports club or at work. In this way, the workshops promote that individual changes lead to a snowball effect of social change. In other words, that the culture shifts towards climate-friendly choices that are the new normal. Themes such as living, travelling, eating and consuming, and more, are discussed.

Who is Climate Conversations for?

Everyone can participate. No prior knowledge is needed, just the desire to live in a climate-friendly way. How far you go is up to you. One person mainly wants to gain knowledge, another wants useful tips, and a third is looking for allies to exchange ideas with. If you want to help make the Netherlands climate neutral by getting to work yourself, sign up for this workshop series.