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Forerunners wants to inspire people with a series of short videos to give them hope in times of imminent climate change and depletion of our only source of life (the earth). Forerunners aims to change the current linear way of thinking, in which the luxury needs of mankind are central, to a circular way of thinking, in which the preservation of nature and a healthy living environment are central.

What does Voorlopers do?

Voorlopers makes short inspiring videos about Utrecht initiatives (voorlopers) that are working on circular economy/greening society. Through accessible videos with a positive message and clear solutions, they draw attention to circular initiatives in Utrecht. They also show that circular thinking can (and should) become mainstream.

What will Voorlopers use the money for?

Voorlopers would like to start with a first series of videos about circular initiatives in Utrecht. The goal is to produce and distribute at least five videos in six months through online platforms and events that connect to the vision.

The plan is to continue and expand this project hereafter and to enter into partnerships with professional platforms to increase its reach.

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Support for forerunners

During Cycling 4 Climate on 24 August, we will pedal as many kilowatt hours as possible to raise money for, among others, this initiative. Sign up today and support Voorlopers! The other sustainable projects can be found here.