Projects we support

Cycling 4 Climate is committed to local, sustainable initiatives that contribute to sustainability in the Utrecht region. The money raised by participants of Cycling 4 Climate, is donated to the following projects. We searched for a mix of projects that can bring about both tangible results and structural change and contribute to the wellbeing of people, animals and nature. The progress of the projects can be followed on our website.

Bij zonder Huis organises workshops where sustainable bee hotels are made from recycled materials. Spread throughout Utrecht, they try to give a workshop at least once a month, where you learn everything about making a bee hotel, maintaining it and making it a success. Read more.

Through fresh, accessible videos with a positive message and clear solutions, Voorlopers draws attention to circular initiatives in Utrecht. They show people that circular thinking can (and should) become mainstream. Read more.

Climate-friendly choices: the new normal. You will discover how in the workshops of KlimaatGesprekken. The foundation offers space and help to combat climate change within living rooms and organisations: together you will discover how you can design your life in a more climate-friendly way. Read more.