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Antea Group is an international engineering and consultancy firm. Together, we build a safe, healthy and future-proof living environment every day. You will find the very best professional specialists in the Netherlands, but also innovative solutions in the field of data, sensing and IT. In this way, we contribute to the development of infrastructure, residential areas or waterworks. But also to issues surrounding climate adaptation, energy transition and replacement. We think critically and always from the mindset of going for the best result together. In this way, for 70 years, we have been anticipating today's questions and tomorrow's solutions.

We believe in sustainable and innovative services on the one hand and socially responsible business practices on the other. For example, we are part of a global group of leading companies that choose to take ambitious climate action: the Science-Based Targets initiative. We are also home to proud engineers and a large group of cycling enthusiasts. We therefore support the Climate Classic wholeheartedly, both as a sponsor and by taking part.

Together, we make the world a little more beautiful every day.

Concerns about climate, biodiversity and sustainable business demand reflection and attention. We are facing a major task to change the system more quickly. The legal framework is part of a much broader ecological and social context, which has also become a boardroom issue.

Eversheds Sutherland tries to contribute where possible to the sustainability task facing every company. ESG in an international setting also requires international support, including legal support. Investing in the development of sustainable energy is one of the most important parts of the ESG task. Our Clean Energy Team is continuously involved in the wind, solar and biomass markets, among others.

Because of our focus on all aspects of sustainability, our partnership with the Climate Classic of Cycling 4 Climate is a matter of course.

Sia Partners is fully engaged in the fight for climate changes by adapting itself and encouraging suppliers and customers to adapt and decarbonize. For that reason Sia Partnerss is excited to partner with Cycling 4 Climate to bring awareness to the consequences of rising sea levels for the Netherlands.

What better way to do this than to engage in one of the most typically Dutch activities - cycling! Additionally, the Climate Classic race is a superb way to connect with other like minded individuals and organisations.

The Enlit team is happy to work together with the Climate Classic to raise awareness about climate change. As a platform where the European energy sector comes together both digitally and physically, we strive with our partners to bring everyone on board and thus accelerate the energy transition in a fair way.

Together we are strong and can achieve a great deal!

DAREL Education develops educational modules and organises master classes for secondary schools, universities, businesses and other organisations, to create understanding, awareness and support for the energy transition. 

We believe it is necessary to embed understanding of the energy transition in education. Through our education programme, we want to create sustainable communities across generations of society. We do this on a non-profit basis and would also like to get in touch with your children's school. 

We are looking forward to working with a lot of Climate Classic cyclists to increase our impact together.

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Climate change and the advent of new technologies and techniques demand new energy-efficient solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation. Products with lower energy consumption provide a better and healthier indoor climate, without damaging the outdoor climate.


Jaga Climate Designers strives to replace traditional systems with high energy consumption and high emissions as much as possible with alternative systems. We like to work towards a better, sustainable future.


"Caring for the climate is no longer a choice, but an obligation for all of us!" That is why our Climate Designers cycle the tocht along the new coastline that will be created in the Netherlands if the sea level rises too far, we are asking for attention for the outdoor climate.This is why we are drawing attention to the outdoor climate!

We are Climate Designers! What about you?

Organisational partner:


Central Events focuses on organising sports events in the Netherlands. Its core sports include running, recreational cycling and racing. Central Events develops and organises sporting events itself or on behalf of third parties. In doing so, they adhere to the following core values: Approachable; Reliable; Regional knowledge; Low cost; Sustainable!


Central Events is working behind the scenes to make sure everything goes smoothly. They have a lot of experience with cycling campaigns, events and tours. Besides organising sports events, Central Events is also active as a travel organisation for cycling tours abroad under the brand name VeloTours. So they can be of help both at home and abroad.

Media partner:


Everything you see around you has been invented by people like you and me. The companies, the economy, the system. It is not something that just is, and will always be... No, it is something that is always in motion, and set in motion by people. People who find new ways, see new opportunities, don't settle for the status quo. Because things can be better, more sustainable, healthier, fairer, more profitable.

For all these people, working in all these companies who are not waiting for the future but want to shape it themselves, there is a platform. The change platform for the business world of tomorrow. Companies where change is not an agenda item, but a business model.

Change on, we are in: See for example this article about transport and mobility.

Network partner:

MVO Netherlands

As an entrepreneur, you want to continue doing business. MVO Nederland is convinced that this is only possible in the new economy: climate neutral, circular, inclusive and with fair chains. That is why we are forming a movement towards this new economy together with entrepreneurs. Because we want to reach it as soon as possible, we have to make our movement as big as possible now.


"Our role? We show the route to the new economy." We support that by bringing about innovation through projects with unexpected collaborations. And create the conditions with governments and financiers that simplify and accelerate the achievement of our goal.


We like to participate with partners in the Climate Classic. Because it speeds up the road to the new economy, but also because cycling has so much in common with our work. Our executive director Maria van der Heijden - herself a cyclist and participant in the Climate Classic - wrote this blog post earlier blogpost about it.