Open Energy Day September 17

Cycle past sustainable energy projects in your area

Various sustainable companies will be opening their doors on 17 September this year so that you can see with your own eyes what a sustainable future looks like. And what is more fun than visiting the Open Energy Day organized by the Dutch Association for Sustainable Energy by bike? For those people we have designed a number of bicycle tours so you can see even more projects in one day and enjoy cycling through beautiful parts of the Netherlands.

The tours are not mapped out nor driven in advance. There may therefore be local detour due to, for example, road works. Check the opening hours before you set off, because they are not the same for every project. Have fun cycling and let us know what you think!

The Cycling 4 Climate team in collaboration with the NVDE

Choose one of the 7 routes

You can choose between a bike tour in one of the following provinces. Click on the relevant province below for more information, or view all routes directly here.

Utrecht (83 km)
Gelderland (100 km)
Groningen (70 km)
Flevoland (31 km)
North-Holland (96 km)
Brabant (125 km)
South Holland (51 km)

If you want to put the route on your bike navigation, click on the orange title at the top of the relevant route map below to download the GPX file via Ride With GPS. Then click on menu button More -> Export as file -> GPX Track at the top there.

Bicycle tour Open Energy Day Utrecht (83 km)

launch: Warmtenet Amersfoort; Daam Fockemalaan 10 Amersfoort

Energy walk along monumental Amersfoort. Together with the Amersfoort Guides, Warmtebedrijf Amersfoort shows you on the Open Energy Day how monuments can be heated sustainably. How the technique of the smart, green heat network works. But also from which renewable sources that happens. We get a unique look at both Leerhotel Het Klooster and Hoornbeeck College, who both chose Warmtebedrijf Amersfoort, while the guides tell us all about the cultural history of this wooded area. The walks start at 10:00 and 14:00 from the Kruisherenzaal in the Leerhotel.

STOP 1: Daikin Experience Centre; the corridor 27 breukelen

(heat pump)
Look, experience and learn more about Daikin in the Experience Center. We would like to show visitors to the Daikin Experience Center how our high quality indoor climate solutions in homes and/or buildings provide optimal and sustainable comfort. There will be tours and presentations for visitors on September 17.

STOP 2: Rhine Energy; Place de Bruxelles Utrecht

(solar energy on land, solar energy on water and wind energy)
Rijne Energie is the energy cooperative behind the largest energy park in Utrecht, which together will generate sustainable electricity for 80,000 households!
In the Rijnenburg and Reijerscop polders more than 600 residents from Utrecht and the surrounding area are creating a large energy landscape. With windmills and solar fields we are jointly generating sustainable electricity for more than 30,000 households. After lengthy preparations and extensive studies, the Rijne Energie energy cooperative, together with its partners de Windvogel, Eneco and BHM Solar, is now entering the licensing process. Together with many more residents, we expect to be able to generate the first sustainable energy in the polders from 2026 onwards. Would you like to join us? Get informed and take a look into the future! Attention! This year you can find us from 9.00 - 12.30 on the Mereveldplein, 3454CL in Utrecht and from 13.30 - 16.30 in Leidsche Rijn Centrum Utrecht (Brusselplein, 3541 BG Utrecht).

Bicycle tour Open Energy Day Gelderland (100 km)

start: Solar Park Azewijn; Reefweg 5 Azewijn

(solar energy on land)
Zonnepark Azewijn is the oldest solar park in the Netherlands. In 2020 the solar park will be completely renewed. The solar park has 17000 solar panels that jointly produce a capacity of 4.75 MW, enough to supply energy to 1500 households. The entire solar park is dynamically controlled and supplies energy based on need, so there is never too much power supplied to the grid. The power is purchased by the brick factory in Azewijn. On this day we will give guided tours and present what is involved in building a solar farm. Sheep will be walking freely on the site and you can see how it has been fitted into the landscape.
09:00 - 16:00

STOP 1: Energiepark KoningspleijArnhem

(solar energy on land, wind energy)
Rijn en IJssel Energie Coöperatie has built three wind turbines together with Prowind along the Pleijroute in Arnhem. Sunvest has developed a solar field under the turbines. We have built an information center next to these projects in which we would like to tell you about the realisation and operation of these beautiful projects. Extra directions for route : At the end of the Nieuwe Havenweg (which is a dead end), under the windmills.10:00 - 16:00

STOP 2: Solarpark De KwekerijHengelo, Stekweg

(solar energy on land)
Solarpark de Kwekerij in Hengelo Gld. is both a solar park and a nature park. At a single location, local green power is generated, nature is developed and biodiversity grows. Combining these different functions makes the Kwekerij the 'energy landscape' of the future. In the solar park, approximately 7,000 solar panels generate sustainable energy. That is enough for over five hundred households. In addition, the park offers plenty of opportunity for recreation in nature. After a nice walk through the park you can take a rest at one of the beautiful picnic tables.
During the open day you can take part in a guided tour or walk through the solar park yourself. The municipality of Bronckhorst will be present with a mobile information booth (Op Morgen Mobiel) and will provide information about biodiversity, energy and climate. Extra directions for route: The solar park is located on the north side of the village of Hengelo Gld. 10:00 - 15:00

Bicycle tour Open Energy Day Groningen (70 km)

start: Showroom Heating Differently; Zwedenweg 3 hoogezand

(solar energy on roof, solar heat, heat pump, mobility, biomass)
We open our showroom in Hoogezand on September 17. There you will find a working biomass boiler, working air/water heat pumps and a working PVT system. We can also show what it means to have electric mobility.
We lead you around the showroom and tell you what the various solutions can mean. Which choices can be made and why. We explain the operation of heat pump technology and also show how as much as possible own solar energy can be used for own use. 08:00 - 17:00

STOP 1: Solar Park Halo; westerstukkenweg 2 langelo

(solar energy on land)
The 1.1 MW Halo Langelo solar park is fully owned by the Noordseveld energy cooperative. The park provides local power for approximately 400 households. The proceeds are reinvested in new sustainable projects. It is located next to NAM's gas storage site in Langelo and has about 3300 panels.
On the open energy day, you will have the opportunity for a viewing and explanation of technology and local ownership. At the location the developer and a board member of Energiecoöperatie Noordseveld will be present who can show you the solar park and tell you everything about the project. Please note that the location is next to the entrance of the gas storage. 10:00 - 12:00

STOP 2: Biodiversity at Solar Farm Vierverlaten; Aduarderdiepsterweg 9c Groningen

(solar energy on land)
This solar park is 100% owned by residents. A special feature of the park is that Grunneger Power is working on integrating the landscape and increasing the biodiversity of the park. Guided tours of the solar park with explanations of the biodiversity project for solar parks. A tour of plants, insects and other animals that inhabit the park. Talking about generating solar energy by and for Groningers. Limited parking. Preferably visit the solar park by bike. Visiting times: 3 tours at 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00 13:00 - 15:00

STOP 3: Sun On All Roofs - cooperative GOED; Schoolholm 10 Groningen

(solar energy on roof)
On the roof of Schoolholm 10 and 17 are 222 solar panels. With a view on the Forum and the Martinitoren. The proceeds of the generated power are distributed to tenants in energy poverty on Schoolholm, who live under the GOED roofs. Are you curious how that works? Musetta from cooperative GOED is on the roof ready to tell you more about the solar panels and the sharing of the proceeds! 14:00 - 17:00

Bicycle tour Open Energy Day Flevoland (31 km)

start: Wind farm windplanblueDe Maalstroom 2 Swifterbant

(wind energy)
A new wind farm is being developed in the northwest corner of Flevoland under the name Windplanblauw. 74 wind turbines will be replaced by 61 new ones, with greater capacity. These will generate an amount of power comparable to the annual energy consumption of approximately 450,000 households. Join us on a tour of Windplanblue wind farm. If everything goes according to plan, in September the 37 new wind turbines of Windplanblue will be on land. And in the IJsselmeer, work is underway on the foundations for the 24 new wind turbines.
Registration is not required, but it is useful if you want to be sure of a seat on the bus. Keep an eye on our website for the times and boarding point! 11:00 - 13:30

STOP 1: Windplan Groen Dronten; De Morinel 35 Dronten

(wind energy)
Windplan Groen is the plan for the largest park of wind turbines on land in the Netherlands. Until 2024, 86 new wind turbines will be built in eleven separate wind farms. Existing wind turbines will be dismantled. There is plenty to do in and around the park with temporary offices: in the various office units, information is available about the 11 wind farms within Windplan Groen. Experts will also tell visitors all about noise, impact shadow and obstacle lighting. And young people can have fun outside on various pieces of playground equipment. From the office park, visitors can go to one or more wind farms. (Exact locations will follow in the weeks prior to the Open Energy Day) 10:00 - 15:00

STOP 2: Wind Farm Hanseatic; Ketelweg 16 Dronten

(wind energy)
Windpark Hanze consists of 15 wind turbines and is located in the municipality of Dronten in northeastern Flevoland. The wind farm is part of Windplan Groen. Construction work started in the spring of 2022. The wind farm is expected to be fully operational in early 2024. How much space does a crane need to build the new wind turbines? How big are the bolts and nuts that secure the lower tower section to the foundation? At Windpark Hanze you can see this with your own eyes. Visitors are welcome between 10.30 and 14.30 hours at the Ketelweg 16. Registration in advance is not necessary.

Bicycle tour Open Energy Day North Holland (96 km)

start: Corn mill the Zandhaas Wüstelaan 83 Santpoort,

(wind energy)
Korenmolen de Zandhaas is a traditional corn mill with a generator to generate electricity. On the Open Energy Day you can come and see a working corn mill, provided there is enough wind. 10:00 - 17:00

stop 2: Bliq. Control of batteries; Hogeweyselaan 145 Weesp

(solar energy on roof, storage)
With a visit to our showroom in Weesp, you will learn all about smart battery control and how it can help you reduce your energy bills. From installing the Bliq catcher on the inverter to viewing your personal data in the Bliq app. We will take you through the solar energy storage system that will be installed at your home and everything that is involved.
There is a lot to experience. Come see Denim brand solar panels, see a working PV system, follow a demonstration on how batteries are controlled with Bliq. And see everything you need in the field of solar energy and storage. You can also get a Nelis ice cream from the ice cream truck. 10:00 - 16:00

stop 3: Zonneveld, Zuid-Rijnlanderweg 787 Hoofddorp.

Energieloket Haarlemmermeer is organizing six on-site activities. Two Haarlemmermeer residents are opening their homes in Hoofddorp and Nieuw-Vennep and people can visit a windmill in Weteringbrug, a solar field in Hoofddorp and a solar roof in Abbenes.

The municipality talks about local ownership of power generation. 10:00 - 12:30

stop 4: Information market Prins Hendriklaan 33 Hoofddorp

(solar energy on land, solar energy on roof, wind energy, heat pump, mobility, heat network)
Everything you want to know about saving energy, self-generation, sustainable heating and generating energy locally. And we hand out free radiator foil. There are in-depth sessions about: Municipal Heat Vision, Climate Change and Zwanenburg Heat Plan (Polderwarmte). The following topics and parties are present: Zon op Haarlemmermeer Energieloket Energiebank Polderwarmte Tegenstroom Meerwind Ymere Warmte visie Gemeente Haarlemmermeer Charging infrastructure for EVs. Information market about all sustainable initiatives in Haarlemmermeer. Come to the main hall of NMCX Center for Sustainability. 10:00 - 16:00

STOP 5: The Dome Haarlem; Harmenjansweg 4 haarlem

(heat pump, soil energy)
De Koepel is the destination in Haarlem for people and companies who are facing the future with a unique dot on the horizon. De Koepel offers amazing perspectives on hotel, restaurant, film, education and digital development.
Enjoying a snack and a drink, you will be taken through the renovation of what used to be a prison, to a melting pot of vibrant and impressive activity, where culture, education and business meet. After the film we descend into the spectacular technology room, where you can see with your own eyes how this gigantic building is heated and cooled. Make it a fantastic day out for the whole family and be surprised by the mix of history and contemporary techniques such as the sources of soil energy technology. 13:00 - 16:00

STOP 6: Demonstration center for various types of heat pumps; Gedempte Oude Gracht 24 Haarlem

(heat pump)
At the Experience Center, heat pumps are demonstrated in working order. The homes above are heated with the store's heat pumps. The building is completely natural gas free. Operational are a full electric heat pump and also a hybrid heat pump. Visitors may go up on the roof to experience the heat pumps. 09:00 - 16:00

STOP 7: Sun on Garenkokerskwartier Kinderhuissingel 1H Haarlem

(solar energy on roofs)
In the Garenkokerskwartier a collective solar roof has been realized on the Seinwezen (postcoderoos project). On the Open Energy Day the solar roof can be viewed and we will explain how to participate in collective solar roofs. 13:00 - 16:00

STOP 8: KweekZon Ter Spijtstraat 1 C Haarlem

(solar energy on roof)
KweekZon has installed over 660 panels, a large part of which forms the roof of the low greenhouse, part is placed on the high greenhouse and carpentry shed. The installation was realized by two installers, Liander and the municipality of Haarlem as grantor and owner of the greenhouses. KweekZon consists of 123 households that have invested in the installation with a total capacity of over 218,350 Watt peak. This entitles them to the profits and energy tax rebates of about 180 MWh of generation per year. There will be a tour around the solar installation, explanation of the way it was realized and how members can benefit from the advantages. 13:00 - 17:00

Bicycle tour Open Energy Day Brabant (125 km)

launch: Duurzaam Opgewekt: Paleiskwartier Noord; Hugo de Grootlaan 82 Den Bosch

(ground energy)
Over 900 homes and a number of businesses in the architectural Paleiskwartier-North will receive heat from Duurzaam Opgewekt. *** Unfortunately no one is present at this location for an explanation. ***

STOP 1: Zonneweide De Blauwe Poort; Middenweg 4 beek en donk

(Solar energy on land, solar heat)
With 9.5MW, Zonneweide De Blauwe Poort generates enough green energy for about 3,000 households. The intention is for the surrounding area to benefit from this project. That is why we are working together with Stichting Platform Duurzaam Laarbeek. During the Open Energy Day the park is just in operation. It has a nature and socially inclusive design and a watchtower from which people can watch. There will be tours every half hour and of course there are fun extras.
We ask you to sign up via our registration form so we can take into account the number of people, this can be done via:
10:00 - 13:00

stop 2: Bio-energy power plant Cuijk (BECC); Lange Oijen 31 Cuijk

Viewing of one of the largest bio-energy power plants in the Netherlands, with explanation of the technology and the social impact. Please register in advance via

Bicycle tour Open Energy Day South Holland (51 km)

start: Navetto; Arij Koplaan 3 vlaardingen

(rooftop solar, heat pump, storage)
Open Energy Day 2022 at Navetto! As a wholesaler, it is our mission to contribute to the energy transition, using decentralized clean energy. Therefore, on Saturday 17 September, we would like to take you through the possibilities of making your home more sustainable. From generating electricity on your roof to using this electricity to charge your electric car or by means of electricity. We also give you a tour of our building to give you an idea what happens before the solar panels are on your roof. We invite you on 17 September for a cup of coffee and show you the possibilities of your home to contribute to the energy transition. You are welcome at our premises from 09:00 to 16:00.

STOP 1: Trias Westland; Lange broekweg 70 Naaldwijk

Trias Westland is a geothermal location with two geothermal wells at a depth of 2.3 kilometers. With the two geothermal heat sources, Trias Westland makes sustainable heat available to 56 companies and 345 homes in Liermolen. This is equivalent to the annual heat consumption of 35,000 to 40,000 households!
Discover everything about geothermal heat at Trias Westland during the Open Energy Day. We give a tour of the geothermal location. We will tell you more about geothermal heat and how the heat from Trias Westland provides more than 245 hectares of greenhouse horticulture, the flower auction and 345 homes with sustainable heat. Note: you must register for the tour. You can do that here. Without registration it is unfortunately not possible to follow the tour. 10:00 - 14:00

STOP 2: Geothermal Heat Vogelaer wateringseweg 76 poeldijk

Geothermal Vogelaer in Poeldijk (South Holland, near The Hague) is an initiative of seven horticulturalists. The installation heats the greenhouses of 17 horticultural companies. The geothermal heat extraction has been running since early 2017. An extensive heat network has also been constructed. Both wells are located at a depth of 2,500 meters and pump water of about 85 °C. On Saturday, September 17, visitors will be welcomed on the grounds of the Vogelaer geothermal project with a view of the installation. Employees and customers will tell visitors about the entire process of extracting geothermal heat using information boards and photos. Of course visitors can ask questions and afterwards they receive a nice souvenir of their visit and they can take away an information leaflet. 10:00 - 14:00

STOP 3: New Energy for Groenoord Jozef Oreliosingel 159 Schiedam, 3122 AM

(heat network)
Groenoord is one of the first neighbourhoods in Schiedam where we are switching to new heat. We have started to construct a heat network and to prepare the rental homes of Woonplus for connection to it. The homes will receive improved insulation, new radiators, a heat delivery system and an induction stove or stove, among other things. In our model homes, people can see how their homes will be ready for natural gas-free living after the work is completed.
The NEvG team will show you around the natural gas-free home that is ready to connect to the heat network. We also give a short presentation on what is involved in (preparing for) heat via the heat network - both for tenants and owners (in a VvE or with a row house). Furthermore, the energy coaches in the model homes will be happy to help you with questions about sustainability, saving energy and living without natural gas. You are welcome to visit the model homes at Jozef Oreliosingel 159 and Valeriusstraat 65. Here you can see how the homes will be ready for natural gas-free living after the work is completed. 10:00 - 16:30


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