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Webinar: The Climate Classic of 375km cycling - how to!

Cycling 375 kilometres for the climate in one day. That's what we're doing on Monday 20 June at the Climate Classic! Are you still hesitating to participate, or would you like to know how to train for such a long distance? Or do you want to go, but are you looking for a cycling buddy to ride with? Then follow our webinar on Thursday 14 April from 20:00 - 21:00!

In our webinar, Marieke and Petra talk about what it's like to participate in the Climate Classic. We share valuable tips and explain how to prepare for the trip in terms of training and nutrition. By answering your questions you will know exactly what to expect.

There is also an opportunity to get to know other participants. Maybe you will meet a training buddy from the neighbourhood or a buddy to cycle the tour with?

We are organising this webinar because, especially for women, there is a barrier to taking part in a cycle tour of 250 or 375 km. We hope this webinar will help lower that threshold and see many more women at the start. Of course, we are and will remain an inclusive event, so everyone is welcome to join this webinar.

How did you hear about this webinar?

In addition to the webinar, we will organise a training ride in the course of the Climate Classic. Together we go faster and the kilometres fly by. You get to know other participants and find cycling buddies for the big day. To avoid many travel movements, we want to organise the training ride so that you can start from different starting points on the same day.

Distance between 125 - 150 km. 

Date: Sunday 15 May
More information: follows soon

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    1. Hi Wendela, we haven't planned this yet but this definitely looks like fun to do again. As soon as this comes up we will also share it through our newsletter!

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