Save one IJsselmeer of water every month

mist shower saves full ijsselmeer every month

We would like to take you through the story of Joost Brinkman, master of Cycling 4 Climate. Joost runs the company Niebla together with his partner Inge, with which they offer water-saving showerheads. These use up to 50% less water than a regular showerhead. That saves about 20% of your water consumption per person on a daily basis.

Niebla's showerheads have a special technique whereby jets of water collide with each other. This creates a kind of mist shower with 300,000 drops per second. No loss of comfort and at the same time saving about 10,000 litres of water per person per year.

If the whole of the Netherlands were to use such a water-saving shower head, we would save almost 300 million litres of water every day. That would be enough to fill almost the entire IJsselmeer every month. And none of that water would have to be heated. That saves another 1 million cubic metres of gas and 2,300 kg of CO2 every day.

And the best part is that in the end, you will save money because you will pay less for water and gas every month. So you can earn your showerhead back in a few months and then put money aside each month for... a new bike?