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Cycling 4 Climate welcomes Univé as a new partner

Insurance cooperative Univé has joined the Climate Classic as a golden partner. Before, during and after the bike ride, they will feature prominently in Cycling 4 Climate's expressions.
We are extremely happy to have Univé as a partner and we warmly welcome them to our sustainable cycling community. We look forward to making it a great edition of the Climate Classic together. With a lot of attention for tackling climate change and with positive involvement of the Univé cyclists.
Univé has a rich history when it comes to supporting sporting events. As 'Supporter of Sport' they are committed to making sports possible for everyone. From young to old, with or without disabilities and both locally and nationally. As a cooperative, the interests of members come first. Both when it comes to preventing and limiting suffering and damage. But also by assisting members when damage has already occurred. Univé does this in a sustainable manner. Taking account of people, the environment and our surroundings.
Univé Director Johan van den Neste is enthusiastic: "As a cooperative that is committed to the interests of members and to the accessibility of sport, we are confidently becoming a partner of the Climate Classic. In this way we can together, in a sporting and positive way, draw attention to climate change and its consequences for society. "Univé will participate in the Climate Classic with a large group of colleagues. They will also provide a break for all participants along the route at their headquarters in Zwolle.