Interview Douwe Faber, founder Ekwadraat Group

What kind of company is Ekwadraat Group?

We started as a consultancy firm in 2003 with the aim of accelerating the energy transition. We have since grown into a company with four divisions and 65 employees. Ekwadraat is still active in advising projects in the full width of the energy transition. Our development company D4 accelerates the energy transition by initiating, developing and investing in energy projects together with third parties. Examples are heat networks, geothermal energy and solar parks. Through Greenmove Technologies, we accelerate the production of biogas with our own technology and get more out of its combustion. Finally, GreenDutch aims to reduce CO2 emissions by initiating local projects in nature and agricultural areas. Landowners can trade this reduction through the voluntary CO2 market.

Douwe Faber

What is the most important aspect in your service?

Accelerating the energy transition is a common thread running through everything we do. Our four companies were established because we saw gaps in the market in the field of sustainability and climate. We feel an enormous need to do something about this through energy transition. Ultimately, our goal is to get rid of fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

What drives you?

All of our 80 employees are intrinsically driven to tackle climate issues. We do not believe in myths and we focus on what is realistically possible. So we always look for solutions with a solid business case and a sound plan. We add the best knowledge to the ideal plan. Together with our clients, this enables us to make responsible investments. So that it will actually work. I always say: "We increase the chances of success and we decrease the chances of failure".

Is there a project you are particularly proud of?

I am very proud of our living lab on our self-developed 30-hectare business park in Leeuwarden. On the site, we have a bio-LNG plant that produces liquid gas, clean CO2 and green fertiliser, among other things. On an annual basis, this produces 40 million kilometres of clean fuel for trucks. With the captured clean CO2 we supply a number of horticultural companies with the CO2 they need for their cultivation. The green fertilisers produce many savings on artificial fertilisers in agriculture. It's a wonderful project that enables us to contribute in a broad way to the climate and the energy transition.

Why do you support the Winter Bicycle Elfstedentocht?

I skated the last Elfstedentocht on 4 January 1997 and am therefore the happy owner of a real 'cross'. When it comes to the Elfstedentocht and the date 4 January, my heart starts beating faster. The tour is in my blood and should not be forgotten. I want nothing more than to be able to skate the Elfstedentocht again in the future. Furthermore, Ekwadraat Group's philosophy fits in perfectly with this sustainable edition of the Winter Bicycle Eleven Cities Tour. The sponsorship therefore fits both privately and corporately like a glove.

Are you a cyclist or do you practise another sport?

I am a skater and runner. I also have a road bike and have cycled some classics in the past. But in the winter, I'm going to do a 200 km run. Respect to all cyclists who participate!

How can interested parties get in touch with Ekwadraat?

This can be done via or via the websites of the other divisions. You can call 088-4000500. My colleague Gabrielle Haak will help you quickly.