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Green or Black Friday?

Trees for All is calling on people to join the Green-Friday movement. Joining means ignoring the screaming advertisements that fight for your attention everywhere leading up to the last Friday in November. Instead of buying more (unnecessary) stuff, do something green instead. Those who register on can choose how: by calling on friends and family to participate as well, by planting trees (or having them planted) or by giving it some more thought. For inspiration, you will receive a number of e-mails with information to get you started.

Companies are also participating. Retailers who, in a contrary movement, are closing all their stores and going out with their people to plant food forests in our country. Organizations that take their colleagues and members on a sponsor walk to raise money for even more trees and in the process collect used items or have them repaired on site. Our web shop is also closing this week; selling a lot has never been our goal anyway. Our point is that - if you need something new - you can find the most sustainable materials with us.

Do something yourself or leave something; it fits nicely with the climate pledge made by participants in the Climate Classic. To get on your bike safely and comfortably, you need a lot of gear: helmet, shoes for your click pedals, pants with good chamois, clothes that breathe, dry quickly and fit well. Anyone who starts cycling takes a hefty shopping list with them. Pretty lucrative to tick off all that new gear on a day when companies promise sky-high discounts: Black Friday. 

Can it be done differently? Yes! A search in apps for second-hand gear shows that you can also very well free other cycling enthusiasts from earlier mispurchases. Shoes that turn out to be too small after wearing them a few times, but probably fit you like a glove. A helmet that is gathering dust after wearing it once, because cycling is not the ultimate new hobby for its current owner. And all sorts of brightly colored clothes that beg you to come along for another ride.

Do you need something? Give recycling a fair shot Friday, Nov. 24 (or any other day). With vintage treasures, you'll be even brighter on your bike! So, will it be black or green on our Future Fridays?