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ENGIE makes sustainability work for you

ENGIE makes sustainability and energy work for you - Cycling 4 Climate

The world around us is changing dramatically. We are rapidly moving towards a carbon-neutral, 100% sustainable and digital planet. In the coming years, one thing will be central to everything that ENGIE, a service and energy company, does: it will explore the opportunities for sustainability and take consumers, institutions and companies by the hand. More and more opportunities are becoming available to achieve this: through technology, renewable energy, digitisation and by working differently.

This is a sponsored article by Cycling 4 Climate partner ENGIE.

ENGIE's mission: to make a difference together in order to pass on the world to future generations in a better way.

Locally active in Utrecht

ENGIE believes it is important to be able to contribute to sustainable projects in a sporting manner. For example in Utrecht: the Cycling 4 Climate event. This ties in with their mission and there is a link with the Utrecht region (the head office is in Bunnik). ENGIE is also involved in various sustainable projects in the region, such as geothermal energy and sustainable area development.

Geothermal energy: a replacement for natural gas?

ENGIE is currently intensively involved in the development of geothermal heat - also known as geothermal energy - in Utrecht and elsewhere. Every form of sustainable energy is needed to make the heat supply in the Netherlands sustainable. Geothermal heat is a renewable source of energy that is available in the Netherlands and is extracted from the subsurface in situ. With geothermal heat ENGIE wants to contribute to a strong push in the energy transition. On the website you can read more about the geothermal heat projects LEAN and Goud that ENGIE is developing with partners in Utrecht.

Sustainable area development

For the largest new construction site in the Netherlands, Leidsche Rijn Centrum in Utrecht, ENGIE has realised an integrated sustainable energy supply. This system provides all customers (homes, shops and offices) with heat and cold and replaces the 'old-fashioned' central heating boilers and cooling machines. The system is designed to reduce CO2 emissions and provide maximum security of supply. In designing the system, ENGIE took into account all the stakeholders in the area from the outset.


ENGIE is a services and energy company that leads the way in sustainable change. ENGIE Nederland comprises ENGIE Services (market leader in technical services) and ENGIE Energie (supplier of renewable energy). Through smart innovative technical solutions, integrated sustainable area development, energy-efficient smart buildings, and the reliable generation and supply of green energy (wind and solar energy, thermal storage, green gas, geothermal heat and hydrogen), ENGIE responds responsibly to social developments and current themes in the working and living environment. Together with their customers and partners, they are able to give direction to and accelerate the energy transition. For more information, visit