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The impact of the Climate Classic 2022

It probably hasn't escaped your notice that with the Climate Classic we not only want to draw attention to climate change, but also make a real impact. We can say that we did just that last edition: in total, participants and supporters made 482 carbon commitments! Homes are being made more sustainable, less stuff is being bought, vegetarian food is becoming the norm, everyone has joined their local energy cooperative, and airline vacations are becoming bike vacations, of course!

While prevention is best, not all emissions can be avoided. Through 3 projects, a total of 619 tons of CO2 have been offset:

  • 449 tons of CO2 via Treesfor All
  • 158 tons of CO2 FairClimate Fund
  • 12 tons of CO2 via Carbonkiller

You can find the certificates below: