CO2 compensation FairClimateFund

Solar cookers for refugees in Chad

Consultancy firm Copper8 has calculated that all participants and organisers during the Climate Classic 2021 produced the same emissions that day as the annual energy consumption of 11.3 households, namely 43,089 kg CO₂ eq. See also the infographic below.

Impact measurement Climate Classic 2021 by Copper8

We have offset this with the FairClimateFund project: Solar cookers for refugees in Chad. This will provide 16 solar cookers that will reduce 41 tonnes of CO₂ eq by cutting down on logging. Not only a nice gain for the climate, but also one that is in keeping with the Christmas spirit of sharing happiness, warmth, light and good food. Together with all the Carbon Commitments made by participants before their participation in the journey, we hope to increase our impact

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