The Climate Classic

Ypres - Ghent - Antwerp
Sunday, June 18, 2023

Sea level rise does not respect national borders

SUNDAY 18 JUNE 2023 the climate classic - cycled.

During this tour, we will cycle over 200 kilometres along the coastline that would be created in Belgium if the sea level were to rise too far as a result of climate change. A coastline that, as far as we are concerned, should not become a reality. With this tour, we are asking attention for climate change, the rise of the sea level and its consequences. 

Classic Belgium

Last century, the sea level already rose by 20 centimetres. This century, there is a risk of another 80 centimetres. We must try to prevent this. How can we prevent it? Very simply by stopping the burning of fossil fuels.

The Belgian tour will be held exactly one day before the Dutch Climate Classic. Climate change knows no boundaries, and so we give some cyclists the opportunity to 'pass the torch' and combine both tours. 

During the Climate Classic, we are kept out of the wind by none other than the Lion of Flanders, Johan Museeuw. The route through Belgium goes from south to north. We leave at dawn (at least for a Sunday) in Ypres in the Touquetpark, and ride past the Menin Gate through Flanders Fields towards historic Bruges. We will have lunch in Ghent and via Dendermonde we will finish at the MAS in Antwerp. You can find the route here.

It is also possible to start in Ghent and cycle the last half of the climate classic.

Ypres - Bruges - Ghent - Antwerp

The start in Ypres is at 9:00. Easily accessible by train! 
> 7h03 Brussels South (train direction Oostende), 7h37 change in Gent Sint Pieters (train direction Poperinge), arrive in Ieper at 8h44.
 > 6h37 Antwerp Central Station (train direction Poperinge), arriving in Ypres at 8h44. 
 > 6h48 Oostende (train direction Zottegem), 8h10 change in Kortrijk (train direction Poperinge), arrive in Ieper at 8h44.

The Climate Classic is made possible by

NL Embassy in BE

The Dutch Embassy in Belgium

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce for Belgium and Luxembourg

Participating companies

Battolyser Systems

Battolyser, the Next Generation Electrolyser

A net Zero Energy System requires energy storage and flexibility

A net Zero Energy System requires access to affordable Green Hydrogen

Battolyser® is the world's first integrated battery and electrolyser system. It is flexible, robust and efficient.

Imagine... Always Clean Energy

At Tensing and Avineon, we help organisations work smarter with geographic data. Better collaboration, informed decision making and cost reduction are examples of this. 

But did you know that geographical data is very useful to better map the threats to our planet and to prevent or solve problems? For example, we help the Province of Noord-Brabant to reduce nitrogen emissions, the municipality of Tilburg with energy transition and various water and utility companies to reduce energy and water consumption.  

To add to this, we support various charities, including the Climate Classic. With 16 colleagues, we will be working up a sweat to counteract further warming of our beautiful planet. Will you encourage us? 

Climate Stripes Belgium


The stripes you see in the background here show the global
temperature change since 1850. Click here for more info.