Sustainable doers work every day to halt climate change.

The earth is warming up, water levels are rising and biodiversity is declining. This is nothing new, and yet we often wonder what we can actually do about it. There are so many possibilities that it almost makes us dizzy, so where do you start?

Cycling 4 Climate will visit these heroes and organiseert in 2023 multiple climate tour: packed with inspiration and great examples of how things can be done differently!

Friday, Sept. 15: Overijssel
Start 10:00 a.m. University of Twente


We got them. The most innovative projects & companies around the University of Twente. All within cycling distance of each other!

When you register, we ask you what your climate footprint is. 

You calculate these here and below is explained why we like to know (and what you will do about it!)

From 9:30 you are welcome for coffee and introductions at the University of Twente. There are two different routes that can be followed. A road bike route of 90 km, and a recreational route of about 50 km. Along the way we will visit organizations working on climate change. Stops on both routes are subject to change:

The University of Twente, where we can learn about vibrant ideas and how they are contributing to a more sustainable world in their operations. 

Enschede Energy, a local energy cooperative focused on clean and renewable energy sources.

In the process, the road cyclists will also visit ReintenInfra, a progressive company working on sustainable infrastructure and developing smart solutions to reduce environmental impact.

Recreational cyclists will visit 2 additional locations. 

1. Water Board Vechtstromen, where we get an explanation about the Kristalbad and the functions of this area in case of drought and flooding.

2. Natuurmonumenten, where the forester will update us on the management and climate challenges of Buursezand.

The day will last approximately from 10:00- 17:00 and the organizations listed are still subject to change. Put it in your calendar and register here! The routes will be shared in advance and will be posted on the website.

For only €5, you'll get the most inspiring innovations, sustainable lunch and the most beautiful kilometers in Overijssel!

Climate Promise

We cycle to draw attention to the consequences of climate change. But attention is not enough. We want to make an impact. 

Again, together we make more impact. As a participant of the Duurzame Doeners Klimaattocht, we expect you to contribute to reducing your own footprint or that of your friends/family/colleagues and or increase your positive handprint.We arecurious to know what you will do (besides cycling a bit) to reduceyour footprint. Think about never eating meat again, having a talk with your neighbors about installing solar panels on their roof , insulation, insulation, insulation, joining a local energy cooperative, taking the train on vacation this year, planting trees or offsetting your own unavoidable emissions. Find more info here.

90km variant

Google link: here 

50km variant

Google link: here 

Saturday 27 August: Groningen
Start 10:00 Provinciehuis (behind the Olle Grieze)

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Two routes have been created:

  1. Recreational: 37 or 57 km(link)
  2. Road bike: 112 km(link)

The recreational routes are based on junctions which makes them very easy to follow. Via links the routes can be viewed, printed and downloaded. 

For the sporty cyclists, we have GPX that you can upload to your bike computer (or put on your smartphone with the app BikeGPX , for example)   

When you register, we ask you what your climate footprint is. You can calculate it here and below is an explanation of why we want to know (and what you are going to do about it!)

At 10:00 we start at the most sustainable provincial building in the Netherlands! On the Martini cemetery stands here since June 16, 1602 the provincial building of Groningen. After a short introduction by the Deputy Melissa van Hoorn the starting shot follows!

There are two routes to choose from. A recreational variant of either 37 or 57km that takes you through the most beautiful countryside around the city of Groningen by following the cycle junctions. And for the fanatics a racing bike variant of just over 100km to see even more sustainable initiatives in Groningen.

The racing cyclists will make a round trip in a northeasterly direction to Eemshaven and Delfzijl and discover along the way that Groningen is one of the forerunners in the development of sustainable bio-based raw materials. For example, in Delfzijl, plastic is made from plants and in Eemshaven, cooling is done with water from the water plant in Garmerwolde to reduce drinking water consumption. At Eemshaven an explanation is given of the sustainable energy developments in the North Sea that 'land' at the port. Here you will get a refreshment and some new energy.

In addition, in 't Zandt, we will take a look at a renewable energy cooperative that generates energy locally in their solar farm for residents in the area. #ThatMoreResidentsShouldDo!

All in all: enough reason to get on your bike on 27 August and discover what Groningen is doing in the field of sustainability!

Recreational route

A beautiful tour along 5 different locations that are working in an innovative way to improve their impact on the climate. 

Start at 10 am at the Province House in Groningen near the railway station.

We will then cycle past several sustainable do-gooders such as:

  •  Distillery Hooghoudt where rainwater is purified for the production of genever 
  • The most sustainable entrepreneur of 2010
  •  Holthausen gases realising emission-free truck transport
  • Eelde Airport the future of electric flying?!

The recreational route is 37 or 57 km, good for at least 3 hours of cycling fun!

 View the full route description here!

Road bike route

For the avid road cyclists, we have created a beautiful route through t hooge land. With text and explanations at:

  • Solar villages in 't Zandt, generating renewable energy for local residents.   
  • Groningen Seaports: the location of sustainable energy for the future. Explanation and revitalization. 
  • DGB bio-energy future paper pulp processing plant in Delfzijl 

Saturday 21 May: Noord Holland
Start 10:00 station Heerhugowaard

May - North Holland

Two routes have been created:

  1. Recreational: 42 or 60 km(link)
  2. Road bike: 97 km (link)

The recreational routes are based on junctions, making them very easy to follow. Via links (below) you can view, print and download the routes. For the sporty cyclists, we have GPX that you can upload to your bike computer (or for example, use the app BikeGPX on your smartphone).   

The recreational route can be here and print it out. The road bike route can be found here.

When you register, we ask you what your climate footprint is. You can calculate it here and below is an explanation of why we want to know (and what you are going to do about it!)

We will start at 10.00 hrs at Heerhugowaard Station (Stationsplein 5), where the deputy will give the starting signal. Edward Stigter gives the starting signal.

The starting point is part of the province's public transport junction programme. At such locations, living, working and facilities come together more than before, so that fewer travel movements are needed. Which, of course, is better for the climate! More info about OV-junctions here.

After this, there are several locations that we cycle past:

  1. City of the sun : this sustainable district was ahead of its time! (address follows asap)
  2. HVC Alkmaar By 2022, a residual waste incinerator will change to reusing waste as a raw material for new products and supplying half a million households with sustainable energy via the sun, wind and biomass (explanation of the solar fields). 
  3. Zonneweide Bergen - With over 9,500 solar panels, Bergen Energie (the local cooperative) provides a lot of sustainable electricity. See also: Bergen Energie - Together for the production of sustainable energy in the Bergen municipality
  4. Schoorl: According to the KNMI, Schoorl will be the driest place in the Netherlands in 2050. Here we will visit the Outdoor Centre Schoorlse Duinen and refreshments will be waiting for you!
  5. Camperduin (optional for the 60 km variant): Here you can see a good example of how, with the help of nature, we are protecting the Netherlands from the force of the sea. Read about it here: New Hondsbossche Dunes.

The cyclists will then continue to the largest wind farm in the Netherlands and visit Agriport !
a. Wieringermee Wind Farmr : in Nieuwesluis the Dutch dike village.
b. At Agriport we will visit Energy Company ECW Energy where there is a geothermal energy installation and high temperature energy storage. (address follows asap)


Recreational route

  • Start and finish at a station (accessible to everyone)
  • You cycle along the most beautiful cycle paths and through the most beautiful countryside
  • By following the cycle junctions it is possible to enjoy without worries  
  • You visit locations that are now dealing with the climate in a better way.
  • That's why you sometimes get extra directions on how to get there
  • You can start your cycling tour at any of the visiting locations 
  • Start and finish at Heerhugowaard station is not a must
  • Print these directions before you set off by bike 
  • What is 60 km cycling? Only three hours of enjoyment at 20km/h (or 4 at 15km/h)

Road bike route

For each edition, there will be different distances (between 25-100km), so that the recreational as well as the touring and racing cyclist can ride a nice tour. 

Each tour takes participants to 3 to 6 interesting locations where people are working towards a better and more sustainable world. Here, you will get an explanation of the impact that these sustainable doers are making. You will learn more about what is already happening and you might get inspired to contribute even more in a fun way. So register and get on your bike! 

The routes are not signposted. Via the links you can download a GPX file or print out the route (do it yourself at home!). With the app BikeGPX you can also use the files on your smartphone as navigation.

Impression of the first climate tour through Flevoland

Saturday 12 March: Utrecht


Six interesting locations

Recreational route (60km)
Road bike route (83km)


Six interesting locations

Recreational route (70km)
Race cycle route (87km)


Five interesting locations

Recreational route (55km)
Road bike route (53km)

Saturday 12 March: Utrecht

Walk-in from 9.30 a.m. at various starting points. 

Two distances: 42km and 84km (or 92km with a few extra climbs) . 

GPX Files:
Short Route: 42km
Long Route 84 km or 92 km

The rough timetable and exact addresses can be found here.

The short route passes close to garden centre Steck in Overvecht. On 12 March they will collect bicycles for people who do not have a bicycle. If you have an unused one, take it with you and hand it over to Bikeflip! Sustainable & Social!

Calculate your climate footprint here 

The short route of 42 kilometres passes five locations. You can start at any of these locations. The walk-in is from 9:30. The programme starts at 9:45.

  • Landgoed shop Korte Jansstraat 5 Utrecht (no parking). A drink will be offered to you by the province!
    * Optional: Hand in old bike at Garden Centre Steck
  • Groenekan (municipality of De Bilt): the members of Energiecoöperatie BENG! explain how they realised a solar field with 1,000 solar panels.  
  • Zeist: at the Energy Centre (Slotlaan 300) you can get tips on how to make your home more sustainable.
  • Driebergen: car park at Triodos Bank (Hoofdstraat 10, Driebergen). The 3,300 m2 solar panels above the parking lot supply the Triodos Bank building with energy. In addition, there are 120 bi-directional charging posts. An employee of Triodos Bank talks about the how and why.
  • Werkhoven: A group of enthusiastic residents got to work on making the village and schoolyard greener and climate adaptive. View the beautiful end result and listen to the experiences. Delteyk School De Curtis 7E.

At The long route you will pass six locations. You can start in Utrecht (Korte Jansstraat 5; note: in the centre = no parking) or at the Triodos Bank Hoofdstraat 10 in Driebergen (follow signs for parking).

  • Landgoedwinkel Korte Jansstraat 5 Utrecht (also starting location and consumption of the province!)
  • Triodos Bank car park at De Reehorst country estate in Driebergen: 3,300 m2 of solar panels above the car park provide energy for the Triodos Bank building. There are also 120 bi-directional charging stations. An employee of Triodos Bank talks about the how and why. 
  • Forest near Leersum: a fall wind in June 2021 caused enormous damage in the village and to the nature reserves around Leersum. Staatsbosbeheer talks about that event and about how the (Lombok) forest is being restored.
  • Wijk bij Duurstede: Energy cooperative EWEC explains how they generate solar energy on the roof of the old brickworks and the energy counter offers tips on how to save energy.
  • Eco-district Houten: here you can see and hear what it means to live in an eco-district.
  • Hydrogen filling station Nieuwegein: the first publicly accessible hydrogen station in the province! Employees of Jos Scholman tell about the motives and experiences. Jos Scholman's vehicle fleet drives on hydrogen.

Saturday 12 February: Flevoland

Walk-in from 9.30 a.m. at the Province House 

Two distances: 36 and 60 kilometres.
The short route can be found here
. The long route can be found here

The GPX files can be found here

The addresses and rough timetable can be found here.

Around 15:00 you will be back at the county hall (lunch will be provided)

Practical information
9:30 Walk-in with coffee and tea at the Province House (Visarenddreef 1, Lelystad)
10:00 Welcome by delegate Jop Fackeldey
10:15 Start 60 km; 10:30 Start 36 km route

The tour passes the following locations where you will get an explanation of ± 20 minutes:
* Vinyl RecyclingThe recycling company for PVC.
* The Farm of the Future The name says it all!
* Giga-storageThe largest battery storage system in the Netherlands
*. SolarVation: Developer of innovative energy systems
* FlevoBike (only on the 60km route)
* Lunch at Farmer's Chef (offered by the province)
* Sustainability shop Flevoland

Calculate your climate footprint here

Together we go faster


The Interprovincial Consultation represents the common interests of the provinces in 'The Hague' and 'Brussels'. On the one hand, by playing an informative and guiding role in the (formal) preparation of policy that is of importance to the provinces. On the other hand, by sharing knowledge with and providing information to the provincial partners and stakeholders. To this end, IPO has an extensive network and maintains contact with, among others, the Cabinet, Parliament, ministries, the European Union and social organisations in the areas where the provinces are active. 

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"Only together can we tackle climate change" is one of our mottos. That is why we organise the provincial climate tours with partners with whom we can make a difference together.

Do you want to be part of this unique moment and join us in accelerating towards a climate-neutral economy? Then contact [email protected]: because together we go faster!

If you want to cycle (one of) our climate tours in style, check out our webshop for our range of cycling clothes.

Questions or ideas for a tour in your province?
Send an email to [email protected]


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