Partner HNS Landscape Architects shares our passion

The partnership with H+N+S arose from a shared passion for sustainability and cycling, both in design assignments and on a personal level, according to board members Pieter and Hank: "We like to cycle and we cycle a lot. Cycling is of course also a great way to experience the landscape." 

That is why they have been organising the annual H+N+S cycle tour for about six years now.

And sometimes work and hobby come together. Like for Pieter a few years ago, when he was allowed to design the cycle highway for Assen-Groningen. And for Hank now, with the ViA15: "where, together with Ney Architecten, we are going to build what I think is the coolest bicycle bridge in the world, not next to the bridge deck, but hanging underneath it!

Result: a 2 km suspension bridge to be realised as part of the SF15 (express cycle route) connecting the SF12 and the RijnWaalpad. Hank personally can't wait to cross it at high speed with his Trek. And we in our Cycling 4 Climate outfit!