Subscriptions Climate Classic 2021 opened!

The moment is there! From now on you can register for the Climate Classic edition 2021. 🚴🚴

After a select group of climate and cycling fanatics and prominent figures embarked on this gruelling journey last year, we will be cycling the Climate Classic for the second time on 14 June this year. Already a classic 😉 😉 We are going to do it again.

The tour takes in the coastline that is created in our country when the sea level rises too far. We ask participants to reduce their ecological footprint and to activate others to do the same. For example, by using a bicycle as often as possible.

The route makes it clear that climate change has a real impact and can affect us all. At the same time, with our bicycle tour of almost 400 kilometres, we are showing that with cooperation, speed and perseverance, we can achieve a great deal.

There are 3 routes to choose from:
375 km (Breda - Groningen)
125 km (Breda - Utrecht)
250 km (Utrecht - Groningen)

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