De Kleine Dichter primary school as a guest at Climate Classic

The two groups 7 of primary school De Kleine Dichter from Utrecht are involved in the Climate Classic this year. During the stopover in Utrecht on 14 June, they will welcome the riders who have left from Breda and wish the people cycling to Groningen good luck. On the spot, they will make their own smoothies on shake bikes and get a theatre show and interactive workshop by Milieubende.
Previously, on 8 June, they had a guest lesson from Daan Daniëls (HKU student) and Jasper de Boom (Cycling 4 Climate) explaining climate change. After that, they went to work with an experience game to experience the impact of human behaviour on the climate and devised creative climate solutions.
See below:

Both groups 7 are working on the subject of 'sustainability and climate' within the subject of 'learning by doing' until the summer holidays. The connection with Cycling 4 Climate fits perfectly with that.