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Frequently Asked Questions

It sometimes happens that a participant does not receive a confirmation after registration, but is registered. Please send an email to [email protected] so we can check it for you. If you are registered, we will make sure you receive the e-ticket on the email address you gave us.

This is no problem at all. Up to two weeks before the event, you can send an email to [email protected] to have your old ticket refunished. You can buy a new ticket in your dashboard.

Nice! Send us an email ([email protected]) or call during office hours at 030-8774491 and we will arrange it for you.

You can register for this summer version of the Tocht der Tochten until Sunday 12 June. But beware: Full is full...

Choose the same time slot when registering and you will be fine! Provided, of course, that you don't lose sight of each other during the tour.

Are you really sure? The Climate Classic is a life changing event, so I would sleep on it. If you're really determined not to do it this year... then of course we're very sorry.

For cancellations up to 10 days before the event, the cancellation fee is the amount of the cycling clothes purchased by you. This covers our costs for the shirt and socks (due to pre-order), shipping and handling. If you manage to find a replacement, no cancellation fee will be charged. Please note: the cycling shirt cannot be exchanged for a size with a substitute. 

From 10 days (from 10 June 2021) the cancellation fee is 100%. In all cases, we will send you additional ordered merchandise by post.

Search your mailbox for an e-mail from [email protected]. Can't find it? Send an email with your name and address to [email protected]. We will look for the tickets for you and send them again to the email address you provided.

You can hand over your luggage to us at the start in Breda or Utrecht. We will provide your luggage with a clear tag. You can then collect your luggage from the finish. During the tour, the luggage you gave us is inaccessible. So make sure you bring everything you need along the way with you. There are plenty of places to eat and drink, but an extra bar/banana or gel gel is of course handy to have with you. We have no time for a hunger knock!

Of course not. Climate change belongs to all of us, so everyone can join in. Children (up to 18 years) should always be accompanied by an adult (18+). 

Of course, you can also do it in pairs (half each): 180 kilometres is also a nice distance. If you share an electric car, your transport and luggage problem is also solved! Because of the food, shirt and socks you both have to register.

Probably not, so take a battery pack and charging cable with you, just to be sure!

You are a topper! Of course, we don't want any wasteful or unnecessary extra shirts in the cupboard. The cycling shirt (and other merchandise) is therefore no longer included in the ticket price. Of course we hope that everyone who does not have a cycling jersey will order one separately.

There are many parallels between climate change and corona. Read this article, for example. We will logically keep an eye on all developments and stick to the corona rules in force at the time. Naturally, we will keep you informed. In the unlikely event that the event cannot take place on 20 June, we will move the event to later in the year.

Enough! Every ± 60 km there are breaks to recharge. In Breda we start with a banana & coffee. Make sure you have some bars for the stretch towards Utrecht. In Den Bosch, there is a rest point where there is also food. In Utrecht, the party starts, because you are almost there ;-). Fresh cake and coffee is waiting for you there. At Telstar Beach club in Harderwijk, there is lunch: all vegan, of course. Between lunch and the finish in Zwolle, we provide you with (sports) water and a snack. All this to ensure you arrive in Groningen refreshed for the pasta party! All vegan and if not possible (pasta...), then at least vegetarian. If you have any special allergy or dietary requirements, please let us know when you register.

Don't wait, go to and become a member of the largest and nicest energy cooperative in the Netherlands. Together we are going to make it!

The route will not be signposted. We trust that all participants can manage with a garmin or other bike navigation system. The provisional routes can be found here:
>> Breda - Utrecht
Utrecht - Groningen
Breda - Groningen

The final routes will be sent to you and placed on the website. At the break locations there will be simple technical support. So make sure your bike, and yourself, are in top condition!

Depending on the distance you cycle, the route ends in Utrecht or Groningen. The exact finish locations will be announced at a later date.

The clothing is ready for you at the start location. Are you starting in Breda? Then you can pick it up the night before at hotel Princeville (Van der Valk) between 17:00 and 18:00.

Do you prefer to get your clothes earlier? Then you can pick them up at Central Events on Friday 17 June between 9:00 and 17:00. Address: Kanaalweg 15G, 3526 KL in Utrecht.