Sunday, January 15, 2023

On January 4, 2022, it was 25 years ago that Henk Angenent and Klasina Seinstra won the last Elfstedentocht.

In these 25 years, the average temperature in the Netherlands has risen by 1.1 °C. This is twice as fast as the global temperature increase. This is twice as fast as the global temperature increase.

The climate is changing and that has major consequences for the Netherlands. Higher temperatures, drought and periods of more extreme rainfall. The draught of excursions is also experiencing the consequences of the climate crisis.

January 15, 2023 : 2000 participants at the start?!

To commemorate the memorable moment in 1997 and to draw attention to the consequences of the climate crisis, Stichting Friesland Beweegt, the Freonen and Cycling 4 Climate have joined forces. 

Retrieved from January 15, 2023 the Friesland Beweegt Foundation will organize the tour of tours: unfortunately not on skates, but with another archetypal Dutch phenomenon: the bicycle.

Are you a climate hero who likes a sporting challenge? Or just a huge cyclist who would love to skate again? 

You can register on the website of Friesland Beweegt.

Make sure you know in advance what your footprint is! 👇

Winter cycling

Missed the webinar with Gerrit Hiemstra, Eric Lansu, Nicole Bakker, Jeltje Post and Esther Leystra? Watch it here.

Climate intention

What is your climate intention for 2023? Together we want to make an impact, so we ask you to make a climate intention: what will you do to substantially reduce your CO2 footprint and that of others?

Want to know where to get your biggest impact? Do the Frisian Footprint test and Be The Change! (use code 25 if you live in Friesland, and code 97 if you live outside Friesland)


Three distances: 90, 140 and 210 km. All types of bicycles welcome!

Start from 7.00 from the Elfstedenhal (and even at 6.00 for steppers)

Food and drink along the route and vega pasta at the finish

Company teams from 4 persons

Making an impact with Energy From Us

This year Energie VanOns is partner of the Wintercycle Elfstedentocht and we are proud of that because Energie VanOns is the most sustainable energy supplier of the Netherlands! And even better: for every participant, Energie VanOns donates €10 to a good cause in Friesland! And you decide which of the three charities your tenner goes to. That way, we make even more impact together!

Food bank

1. Water-saving shower head for the food bank

With this project we help clients of the food bank to get a water-saving shower head from Niebla. This showerhead uses only 5 litres of water per minute and saves a family almost €200 per year. A huge amount of money when you can barely make ends meet.


2. Young Solar Challenge

The Young Solar Challenge is a fantastic project for young people aged between 14 and 17. The goal is to make more young people enthusiastic about technology and we do this in a fun and interactive way by letting them build their own solar boat. This way, they not only come into contact with technology, but also with innovation and sustainability.

Frisian Churches

3. Making monumental churches more sustainable with LED lighting

Stichting Alde Fryske Tjerken is dedicated to the preservation of old churches in the Frisian landscape. We would like to make our churches more sustainable with LED lighting. Making monuments more sustainable is quite a challenge, but necessary. Especially given the rising energy costs.

Want to make an impact yourself?
Then become an Energie VanOns customer today.

  • The energy supplier of sustainable energy cooperatives
  • 100% locally generated sustainable power that is hardly more expensive than polluting grey power
  • Proceeds are spent locally on sustainable projects
  • Improve yourCO2 footprint without a major investment
Energy From Us

Together we go faster

And that is why we are very happy that the Stichting Friesland Beweegt and Fossylfrij Fryslan are working with us. 

Friesland Moves

ANBI The Friesland Beweegt foundation offers work experience places to people who are (once again) on their way to a place in the labour market. and a meaningful way of spending the day for those for whom paid work is not or no longer feasible.. With this unique mix of volunteers, we organise sporting events and Waddentrips trips, we publish cycling routes and activities via, walking routes and activities via, we organise OpStapbus activities for the socially disadvantaged and give traffic safety lessons at primary schools in Friesland.


Freonen work together towards a clean future. Its aim is to promote sustainability in Frisian society, particularly in terms of reducing or having reduced the use of fossil fuels and energy sources. A win-win for individuals, companies and society.

Our partners who make the Winter Bicycle Tour possible:


Whether it is about better animal welfare, combating food waste, energy-efficient shops and trucks, or helping customers to eat and live healthier. As a family business Jumbo is at the heart of society. We feel responsible for the world around us, now and in the future. In everything we do, Jumbo has an eye for people, animals and the environment. 

A sustainable life begins with locally generated green power.

Energie Van Ons is slightly different from other energy companies. In your neighbourhood, energy cooperatives with solar parks, solar roofs and wind turbines generate your local electricity. Locally generated and locally supplied.

The great thing is that the proceeds are spent on sustainable projects in your own neighbourhood through the energy cooperatives. What are you waiting for? Get involved!


The wholesaler of solar panels for installers: SolarToday.

In Dokkum, you cannot miss it: the SolarToday knowledge centre. On 4 January you can get a crash course in solar panel technology. In any case, you can get your stamp here and continue to Ljouwert.

Consultancy firm Over Morgen works on sustainable impact in a bold and unlimited way.

Our mission is to make the living environment future-proof. Climate adaptation, energy transition, area development, circular economy, sustainable mobility, food, health: we ensure that all tasks are given their rightful place in an area. Together, we can create visible added value for people and the environment.

About Tomorrow start now. Are you in?

Ready to step on the gas during the Winter Bicycle Elfstedentocht! We have some good news. During the tour Snelle Jelle provides a dose of energy with the (too) powerful gingerbread bars to keep you going! The packaging of these gingerbread bars is also fully recyclable. Have a good time, one of these bars!

Ekwadraat specialises in sustainability, energy saving and transition management. We do this for governments, SMEs and industry.

Through our years of experience in sustainable energy, we know exactly what is needed for a successful project. An extensive interview with founder Douwe Faber can be found here.


Together we want to move faster to make a better future accessible to everyone around us.

Sustainable thinking and acting is of vital importance for current and future generations. We take our responsibility for the environment and take various measures to limit the negative impact on the environment. 


We are specialised in taking care of audiovisual productions. Both the organisation of a specific part within a production and the realisation of a total production are possible. We provide solutions for physical, digital or a combination thereof and are present in the world of exhibitions, sports, festivals, TV, live and corporate events.

All around us we see that the future must look different from today. 

No company is completely ready for the future, or 100 per cent sustainable. But we can always take each other a step further. Because in times of change, it is impossible to develop all the solutions ourselves. That is why we must make good examples visible and connect frontrunners with companies that are at the beginning of their change. In this way, we will arrive at new solutions together. And every professional becomes a future maker. Join the change at

The movement of the entrepreneurs of the new economy.

MVO Nederland shows you what the route to the new economy looks like. We support this by bringing about innovation through projects with unexpected collaborations. And we create the conditions with governments and financiers that simplify and accelerate the achievement of our goal.

Join us and connect to 


Premium quality and service since 1974. Designed and handmade by our master mechanics in Heerenveen. KOGA's active connection with the sport of cycling means that we are able to convert our knowledge, passion and dedication into superior products for every bicycle enthusiast, from road bike to e-bike.

Do you enjoy mountain biking, cycling or a nice tour on an e-bike?
Then read BIKE explorer, the magazine for the adventurous cyclist!

Your logo here?

"Only together can we tackle climate change" is one of our mottos. That is why we organise the winter bicycle Eleven-city tour with partners with whom we can make a difference together.

Do you want to be part of this unique moment and join us in accelerating towards a climate-neutral economy? Then contact [email protected]: because together we go faster!

Whatever distance you are going to cycle on 4 January, you can be sure that the winter climate will be your biggest opponent that day: a warned man rides his bike well dressed.  

If you want to cycle the tour in style with the "Climate Stripes"winter shirt, order it as soon as possible: stock is limited.

In the course of October, we will supplement the website with practical information, such as starting times, hotel information, revitalisation during the tour, etc.

It will be quite an effort, so keep training and stay healthy!

Turnaround times Eleven-city Tour

Any questions? Send a mail to [email protected]


The stripes you see in the background here show the global
temperature change since 1850. Click here for more info.