Carbon Commitment

On 14 June, we will cycle together to draw attention to the consequences of climate change. But attention is not enough. We also want to make an impact. And you can help us with that.

We therefore ask you and/or your organisation for a carbon commitment to draw up. What are you going to do - besides cycling many kilometres of course - to reduce your CO2 emissions? Not eating meat for a year, helping yourself or your neighbourhood to solar panels, finally ordering that water-saving shower head, joining Follow This, becoming a member of an energy cooperative or compensating your non-avoidable emissions?

Haven't made a carbon commitment yet? Take a look below and we will help you get started.

Looking to the future

Co Koren: I am going to make our children more aware of the environmental impact of things and travel. They have grown up in a society where so much seems to be taken for granted without the harmful effects being visible.

Going local & going by bike

Esther Gijsbers: I am going to buy fewer products that have to be brought from other continents to the Netherlands and more local. A very simple example of this is apples. Also, now that I am going to start a study in September that is (even) further away from home, I still want to go by bike and not by public transport or car.

You can learn to compensate

Maarten Tjallingii: I am going to compensate all my car/flight journeys with Trees4all.

The multiplier

Marieke Jacobs: For every kilometre I cycle, I'm going to challenge someone to undertake a climate action together with my little brother. So 375 climate actions in total! (and you can find their website here)

Simple but oh so effective

Steven Hamming: Buying a water-saving shower head.

House chores

Anne van Seters: I am going to ask for renovation advice for my house: insulation, solar panels and collectors, heat pump

Sustainability on the road bike

Jacqueline Broeshart: I'm not going to buy a Garmin, but borrow it for the trip. I will continue to use water sparingly and eat less meat.

Up to and including the unavoidable CO2

Kasper Bik: I am going to compensate my unavoidable CO2 footprint.

The kilo stunner among carbon commitments

Corne Brunink: I am not going to eat meat for the rest of the year.

Your hidden impact

Calculate your own footprint
Of course it starts with understanding your own footprint. Take a look at the website My Hidden Impact of Think Big Act Now. They will help you gain insight into your current footprint. And even more importantly, you will immediately find out what you can do best if you want to become more sustainable. On their platform we even have a real
Cycling4Climate group page. Do you want to join?

Follow a workshop
Another option is to sign up yourself or perhaps your organisation for a workshop series of Climate talks. In a practical, informal and fun way, they will help you to design your life in a more climate-friendly way. And to give you tips on how to discuss this with your neighbours, friends and family. We are giving away 10 places for this cool workshop series. Sign up with us if you want to participate. First come, first serve!

Elise van den Berg (My Hidden Impact) and Lisette de Waard (Climate Conversations) will tell you more about how they can help you move forward during our webinar on 17 May.

Footprint of our event
Last but not least, we would like to have an insight into the footprint of our own event. You can help us with that. We would like to ask you to answer a few questions so that we can become even greener in terms of transport, for example.

Ready to get started? You can send in your Carbon Commitment below!

We collect all Climate Commitments received. The most ambitious and original Climate Commitments will be given a place on our website.


Your Carbon Commitment

You can make your Carbon Commitment here! ⤵️