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Your carbon commitment counts

On Sunday 19 and Monday 20 June, over 1,000 cyclists will ride the Climate Classic to draw attention to the consequences of climate change. But attention is not enough. 

We want to make an impact. Help us by making a carbon commitment and/or compensate your carbon footprint!

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Together we make the difference

The Climate Classic goes along the coastline that is created in the Netherlands when the sea level rises too far. In concrete terms, this means cycling 375 km in one day, from Breda to Groningen (125 or 250 km also possible). 

With the Climate Classic, we want to not only draw attention to the climate, but also make a real impact. You contribute to this by making a Carbon Commitment or compensating Compensating CO2 emissions.

What will you do to reduce your CO2 emissions? Not eating meat for a month, help yourself or your neighbourhood to solar panels, join an energy cooperative or put pressure on the fossil industry via Follow This?

And do you take responsibility by compensating your non-avoidable CO2 emissions? Choose from the projects of Fair Climate Fund, Trees for All and Carbonkiller. 

Your carbon commitment counts. Together we take action for the climate!

How do you participate?

1) Determine your footprint

Get insight into your current footprint. How much CO2 do you emit per year? Do the test on The Hidden Impact.

2) Make your carbon commitment

To reduce your footprint, choose a challenging and appropriate carbon commitment. We have examples of climate actions

3) Compensate

Offset through one of the three selected projects charities to offset your non-avoidable emissions.

It starts with understanding your own footprint. Check out the website of My Hidden Impact. Ideal for gaining insight into your current footprint. 

More importantly, you will also find out what is the best thing to do if you want to work on sustainability effectively. 

Nice inspiration for your carbon commitment!

With your carbon commitment, you reduce your carbon footprint. Haven't decided which climate action to take to reduce your footprint? Check out the list below for inspiration.

  • Take the bike and leave the car
  • Finally buy that radiator foil for behind your heater
  • Object to your contribution to the fossil industry at the Tax Office
  • Join your local energy cooperative
  • Shower for a month for a maximum of 2 minutes at a time (or even smarter, buy a fair showerhead )
  • Eat vegetarian or vegan for a month
  • Buy a share in Shell via Follow This
  • Insulate your attic
  • Take the bike or the train instead of the car or the plane next time you go on holiday
  • Join a (green) political party
  • Cook for a week with only seasonal vegetables from the neighbourhood
  • Identify what in your work can be done in a more climate-friendly way (and make it happen)
  • Don't buy new stuff for a month, and if you do buy only second-hand
  • Join the climate march on 19 June
  • Share an article about the climate on your social media every week
  • Organise an energy masterclass at a secondary school
  • Have a climate conversation with 5 people around you 
  • Donate to an organisation that fights climate change

Got enough ideas for reducing your own footprint? Share with us your carbon commitment.

In addition to making a carbon commitment, we hope that at least 50% of the participants will also offset their own annual emissions, so that together we can make a real impact. Will you join us?

We have selected three high-impact projects. You choose the number of tonnes you want to compensate and your project. You pay Cycling 4 Climate and two weeks after the Climate Classic we will announce the final score and transfer the money to the respective projects. 

More trees with Trees for All

€16 per tonne CO2

As a foundation, Trees for All has been committed to a forest-rich world for more than 22 years. Trees for All's mission is to restore existing forests and plant new forests worldwide.

In this project, trees are planted in the Arbolivia project in Bolivia. Trees for All has been planting indigenous tree species here since 2008. The project helps farmers to use their land in a sustainable and climate-friendly way. More than 1,100 farmers have now joined the project.

More info about trees in Bolivia

Clean cooking with biogas in India

€19 per tonne CO2

FairClimateFund, a social enterprise, has been demonstrating since 2009 that the CO₂ market can fairly and effectively benefit those most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

This biogas project gives households in rural India access to a 100% sustainable and clean way of cooking. Cooking on biogas is better for health, climate and environment and saves households time and money.

More info about biogas in India


Buy and destroy CO2 rights

€80 per tonne CO2

Carbonkiller campaigns to tighten the EU Emissions Trading Scheme to make CO2 emissions more expensive and discourage them. 

Via Carbonkiller you can also buy CO2 rights. These will then be destroyed and this CO2 can no longer be emitted by industry. The more people, companies and organisations buy CO2 rights, the more difficult it becomes for the mega-polluters to emit CO2. Simple isn't it?

More info on Carbonkillers.

Current price for CO2 in the ETS system can be found here.

Making your carbon commitment & compensation

The carbon commitments & offsets made

Carbon commitments
tonnes of CO2 offset
NameParticipationCommitmentTons of CO2 Compensation
MarietjecyclistThis is a test