Brompton ride

Utrecht - Sunday, May 21


Cycling is sustainable

Who says "Utrecht," says "Bicycles." Whoever says "Utrecht and Bikes," says "Kok Bikes"! 

Located on Nachtegaalstraat since 1952, Kok Fietsen is the expert in city, vacation and folding bikes. And the experts know: there is really only one real folding bike and that is Brompton, invented in England in 1975.

So it was only logical that Kok Fietsen took the initiative and put Cycling 4 Climate in touch with Brompton and thus the instigator of the first Cycling 4 Climate - Brompton ride!

During this ride we will enjoy a beautiful bike ride together through Utrecht on the Brompton. In between we will stop for lunch and afterwards there will be drinks. An interesting experience to connect with others and learn more about various sustainable developments in Utrecht.

Starring: Belle the Guest, Maurits Groen and the Plastic Soup Surfer!

In brief:

Who: Folding cyclists and sustainable mobility heroes

When: Sunday, May 21, from 10:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Where: Griftpark Utrecht (5-minute bike ride from CS)  

Cost: €25 per person

What: Beautiful route with other Brompton cyclists, sustainability quizzz, folding contest, lunch and drinks afterwards! 

Clothing: Sporty with an English cut

Subscribe: do at the bottom of the page(link)


10:30 Coffee & registration

11:00 Welcome

11:30 Starting shot 

In between enjoying Utrecht and a sustainable lunch

15:00 Return to Griftpark

until 17:00 Folding contest & drinks


The route

We have set out a super route of 37km. Should that be too long, there is the possibility to cut off 6km. All in all, good for ± 2 hours of cycling pleasure.

Along the way we pass a number of interesting locations, such as Fort aan de Klop, Slot Zuylen, the Haarrijnse Plas, Parkbos de Haar, Kasteel de Haar, the Vlinderhof, Castellum Hoge Woerd, Voedselbos Rijnvliet, the Metal Cathedral and the Mint

Remember car-free Sunday? We are going to bike across the A2 and see if we can be faster than Daphne Schippers on her bridge and we will enjoy a delicious lunch at Brewery Maximus!

In addition to all kinds of interesting facts, you will of course also be given a few assignments that will give you a chance to win the prize of the day!  


We have 30 loaner Bromptons. You can reserve these at registration.
For more information regarding purchases, please stop in at Kok Fietsen or check out Brompton Website.

No way, a good mood will do!

Registrations are closed

The C4C - Brompton ride is an initiative of:

For 3 generations we have been trying to maximize our customers' cycling pleasure.

In addition to cycling fun and healthy exercise, sustainability and mobility with minimal environmental impact are increasingly central.

With bicycles that is possible, in addition we are selective on our suppliers in terms of production methods, materials used and therefore environmental impact.

We ourselves try to work as sustainably as possible: we are critical when using parts and maintenance products. We also try to keep our waste streams as small as possible and naturally separated.

Brompton wants to create urban freedom so we can have happier lives.

It was the forward thinking of our founder almost 50 years ago that brought us here. He believed that there must be a better way to get around town. Riding a Brompton is good for you and the planet, but it's only part of the solution.

A good company is more than the product it sells; its culture, sustainability policies and who we do business with are just as important.

At Brompton, we ask ourselves tough questions. Does the company that makes our tires pay workers fairly? What does the city that puts people before cars look like?

There is no one answer to answer all these questions. It is a process of discovery and exploration. One question often raises a hundred others. But what we know today is the beginning of something better tomorrow.