All Commitments

NameParticipationCommitmentTons of CO2 Compensation
CaroliencyclistReduced gas consumption by on-site heating through infra red panels.2.0
BabetcyclistNo meat, minimal flying, no new stuff but second hand/repair first
Harrysupporterless meat, more fish.
HenkcyclistBecome a member of a green party
C4C ridercyclistBuying less stuff & cycling more
AnonymouscyclistTaking cold showers, taking the car less. buying less stuff and less fish/meat1.0
Mark - Hieroo RotterdamcyclistI am going to install double glazing in my house, install a new central heating system and insulate my ceiling.
BasscyclistMore commuting by bike, more vegan and less flying
Martin HorstinkcyclistI bought new bunds from JustDiggit, this will make deserts green again as the bunds will better hold the limited rainfall. And more green also means more stored CO2
Maarten - TensingcyclistI traded in my diesel car for an all-electric car.
Mauricecyclisthouse energy neutral
Jonassupporterstop consuming so much stuff
TalithasupporterBuying less stuff.4.0
JsupporterSupport for climate targets2.0
RobertcyclistUsing less energy
HaikocyclistCold and reduced showering
Maarten VerkerkcyclistContinue with limited meat and fish; drive as little as possible; save energy at home; do not fly; switch from petrol to electric car1.0
MarccyclistEat less meat, buy more second-hand, and also travel long distances by train.
David Klein - SolfiecyclistWhere & when I can talk about sustainability. (Make stickers to change place name signs to, for example, "Utrecht by the sea" (I've already done that). Get rid of the car & only travel by train, bike & electric shared car (already done).
KirstencyclistEating less dairy
Maria van der Heijdencyclist22.0
BramcyclistBuying less stuff - even more second-hand - no gas - less dairy products2.5
Ernest de Groot (Water Natuurlijk)cyclistCycle more, shower less, eat less meat, fly less2.0
FennacyclistOffer a car as a shared car, buy things only second-hand or refurbished3.7
MarleencyclistI don't want to eat meat for a month & next year I want to buy few and only second-hand items and clothes.
RooscyclistShorter showers, less stuff, radiator foil2.0
Bicycle 2009cyclistone week vegetarian per month, 16 year old boiler replaced by heating pump2.0
RuudcyclistBuying less stuff. Keeping a carbon accounting system to rationalise my emissions.
Launch plancyclistHave a climate conversation with 5 people
JurgencyclistInstalling solar panels, less meat1.0
Erik BcyclistHybrid heat pump and more second-hand items instead of new ones13.0
Rick - Cycling 4 ClimatecyclistMake house more sustainable, e-car/e-bike and more to the repair shop
JackRcyclistshower head ordered
TobiascyclistBuy less meat, dairy products, cycle more and take cold showers.
MichellecyclistElectric car and less flying
WimkesupporterTaking the bike more often, taking a bath less often, eating less meat1.0
Wessel Hebing - MagnifycyclistConvince 10 people next year to actively reduce their footprint substantially4.8
TessacyclistNot to fly for the next 3 years
Andra Roadsupporterstop eating cheese and install a heat pump7.4
DanielcyclistCold showers and less meat/fish
ShowsupporterGenerate as many kWh via solar energy as required for operation9.3
TomcyclistMore use toogoodtogo less waste
Thomas - EGENcyclistFlying less
Rikcyclist5 min shower instead of 10 minutes
BramcyclistOnly eat meat at the weekend
Ness SequeiracyclistBuy less plastic package items. Offset some of my carbon through credits for what I can't reduce.15.0
MarjoleincyclistSolar panels, electric car, eat less or no meat, drink less cow's milk, give children a shower instead of a bath, if not necessary, don't fly.2.0
Egon Janssen - TNOcyclistflying less, making homes more sustainable and helping others to do so2.0
Annemarije Tillema - AH TeamcyclistShowering for less time. Turn second car into a shared car. Deploy Energy Commissariat Gooi & Vecht, deploy NADO and above all, reduce your carbon footprint.
AnonymouscyclistEat less meat, cycle or work from home more often, take shorter showers.
CarolacyclistBuying local vegetables
RobSouthcyclistmore by bike if possible.
European Climate Pact AmbassadorcyclistI raise money and buy a seaweed CO2 compensation certificate to offset 250 kg of CO2 (125 euros) from The Seaweed Company.
MartinesupporterTrade in two cars for a second-hand plug-in hybrid car, take less baths, cycle more, take colder showers, buy less products with plastic packaging, turn off lights at night, turn down heating1.0
AnonymouscyclistI am not going to buy any new stuff or clothes for two months
JohancyclistPossibility of eating meat only at weekends
DannycyclistMore train travel. Less stuff. Compensating more financially. Being more aware.2.0
Jisko Cycling 4 Climatecyclistone month vegetarian plus thermostat at 181.0
JoriscyclistLess new stuff, more marketplace
SaskiacyclistCycling to Portugal, planting a vegetable garden in our shared backyard, joining an energy cooperative, encouraging my landlord to get solar panels and insulating the walls.
PimcyclistI compensate for all flights and driving kilometres, double by planting trees via threesforall and I buy less stuff0.0
RWS Cycling 4 ClimatecyclistEat less meat and cycle more
AnonymouscyclistEating more vegetarian
MaxcyclistDo not fly, do not buy a car, do not eat meat, do not eat dairy products8.5
clairecyclistJeans as second-hand as possible.12.0
WardcyclistVegetarian as much as possible, no separately packaged snacks, water instead of soft drinks, only things I really need, local products6.6
RemcocyclistCycling to work more often (couldn't pick up after Corona) and driving less by car2.0
DickcyclistMuch less meat, more often by train and more financially compensated3.7
Hermancyclistwithin 2 years extra solar panels for my electric charging
MelcyclistMaking your house more sustainable and buying an electric car
AnonymouscyclistCook for a month only with seasonal vegetables from the region.
AnonymouscyclistNo more beef. As little other meat as possible and preferably chicken1.5
An ParidaensupporterI don't fly anymore, for short distances I take the bicycle, regularly the train instead of the car. We have been members of the local energy cooperative for 10 years. I shower minimally but often use flannels, I eat 90% vegan. I am already a member of the Party for the Animals. We have had a fruit and vegetable subscription for 30 years at a local organic farm. I buy as much as possible second-hand, including clothes.
Cas - Avineon | TensingcyclistEating even less meat and dairy products. Leaving the heating off as long as possible.1.0
Dolfcyclistday per week less meat and fish and more sustainable living
AcyclistNo meat at all
DerksupporterHelping to initiate sustainability projects at work5.0
EmilysupporterBuying less (plastic) packaging1.0
Marjon-DarelsupporterLess car11.8
IlsecyclistShower for 3 minutes at a time for one month
Simon JancyclistDriving electric instead of the petrol pool car
FrancyclistThis year our 1898 house will have solar panels, double glazing with monumental glass, floor and ceiling insulation. And I only use plastic-free toiletries and have bought a filter for microplastics for the washing machine.1.0
StefficyclistMaking my house as climate-friendly as possible: green roof, disconnection of rainwater and soon solar panels
JeroencyclistTo go by bike or public transport whenever possible instead of by car. To start the Cycling4Climate bike ride, come to the start by bike.
PimcyclistBuying durable and second-hand stuff and using it for as long as possible. Then give it to people who can use it after me.
Sabine - BlueCitycyclistReduce to 0.8: cycling holidays, eating meat less than once a week, driving less
JochemcyclistBecome a member of rijne-energy for sustainable energy for the city of Utrecht
Fred NijlandcyclistOnly cold showers
Hidden Impact AmbassadorsupporterI want to make sure Babette's book is translated0.5
JeroencyclistGoing electric from September
Roel - myBrandcyclistTo make my home more sustainable by purchasing a heat pump in addition to the 39 solar panels (which are already in place) and thus being able to do without fossil fuels.1.0
KNMI participantcyclistsolar panels, less milk products
Arie - HieroocyclistShowering for less time and, if I do fly (max. once in 2 years), not changing planes3.0
Eva Wetterskip FryslâncyclistTaking the train on holiday to Austria. Coming out of the closet more as a flexitarian. Talk more about climate change and environmental impact. Taking the train to visit girlfriends in Utrecht more often.0.5
bramcyclisteating less meat1.0
TensingcyclistReducing flight and car kilometres for holidays. Preference for train or destinations close(er) to home.1.0
JancyclistI am installing solar panels on my roof
Corné - Avineon | Tensingcyclistbuy second-hand more often, go on holiday by train, use the bicycle instead of the car and buy a water-saving shower head 😉1.0
StefancyclistShowering less, buying sustainable clothing and going on holiday by train
RobbertcyclistI will travel less by car and plane (switch to electric bicycle and train) and when buying things will consider whether they are necessary or can be done 2nd hand.
MoniquecyclistSpend half less on stuff and drive half less2.0
JeroencyclistIn addition to solar PV, I'm going to look into a hybrid heat pump. I also want to make my family and neighbours more aware.
Wouter - Cycling 4 ClimatecyclistBuying less stuff, that's a clear result. Other than that, fortunately, things are not bad.
econiccyclistWe will accelerate the reduction of econic's own Co2 footprint
La Gro Geelkerken LawyerscyclistWe offset the total emissions of our team members for two years with a donation to Trees for All. In addition, as an organisation we are taking steps towards more sustainable and climate-friendly operations in all areas. On an individual level, too, we are looking at what we can do better and engaging in dialogue.93.8
TiescyclistEat less cheese, insulate your house more1.0
MennocyclistUse the bicycle and/or public transport more often and invest in PV0.0
Alain HeunensupporterVegetarian forever2.0
joepcyclistadd solar panels
SimoncyclistMaking your house more sustainable
EBNcyclistBuying less stuff and when I do buy something 2nd hand1.0
Lencyclistinsulate flat roof, cycle more to work, lower the stove (even more), eat less meat3.0
Samcyclistshowering shorter, 100% vegetarian, vegan once a week, member of green political party
EveliencyclistTaking the train on holiday this summer, eating less cheese, learning about seasonal vegetables and starting your own vegetable garden, understanding what stuff I buy (besides normal groceries) and taking action on this to reduce (emissions), trying to buy more locally with groceries, giving all the presents I buy for people sustainable visibility.
RenecyclistCycling to work, no air travel, almost no meat2.0
AholdcyclistI drive electric and want to drive fewer kilometres.2.0
FrankcyclistBuying fewer devices
Geert-JancyclistDo some more insulation work on our house and reduce flying holidays
AnonymouscyclistLess travel
Petercyclistpetrol car out the door, shorter showers
JamiecyclistBuy second-hand more often, talk to others about alternative travel options and start putting together meals with local seasonal produce.
Petercyclistelectric driving, house insulation/heat pump and only local food
LottecyclistUse fewer devices and fly less whenever possible
TessacyclistLobbying my employer (2500 employees) to use the train instead of flying
PleunisupporterI will eat more local seasonal vegetables2.0
Dave - Avineon | TensingcyclistFlying less and eating vegetarian more often. Charge electric cars as much as possible with our own power from solar panels.1.0
KNMI - Cycling 4 ClimatecyclistEat less meat and cycle to work (even more)
GerardcyclistReplacement of all double glazing with HR++
LouiscyclistEat no meat, go to work by bike
McyclistEating plant-based food for a month
ArjancyclistInstalling solar panels1.0
RenécyclistEating less meat
VincentcyclistOnly necessary things to buy.
Timon - Antea GroupcyclistOnly buy things if you really need them2.0
Rubertcyclistinterrail on holiday and eat 80% less meat1.0
Doobi loobicyclistCreate meals with seasonal vegetables
Jobcyclistmake vegetarian food the norm, take the train as much as possible instead of flying, buy second-hand goods instead of ordering new ones.3.0
FabiancyclistShowering for less time
MirjamcyclistEating less meat and buying new things
RamoncyclistBuying less new and more second-hand. Where possible, ride with colleagues
AnonymouscyclistBuy as much (cycling equipment) second-hand as possible
Eric van den BroekcyclistDriving fully electric, flying less/train more and making homes more sustainable
Per Verzaal C4CcyclistBuying 50% less stuff, moving to a tiny house and more cycling, less car!2.0
ThomascyclistNot buying a new bike
Koen - VolantiscyclistCycle to work more often0.0
Silke - EBNcyclistI am going to eat vegan (instead of vegetarian) 50% of the days again1.0
Woutercyclisteat more plant-based and regional food, make your home more sustainable, buy second-hand goods more often1.0
GerbrandcyclistHeat pump and solar panels, cycling more often and taking shorter showers.
RobcyclistThis year, try to find clothes second-hand first of all.
RobbertcyclistBuy more second-hand items, cut down on dairy products.
RemkocyclistTime for an electric car. More OV and renew glass of house to HR++
MichielcyclistTrying to cycle as much as possible, taking shorter showers, eating seasonal vegetables
PatrickcyclistFinally buy that water-saving shower head! Eat less meat, cycle more often.
SaskiasupporterI will become a member of the Utrecht Rijne Energie cooperative and invest in the energy park of our city!
PrivatecyclistSolar panels, solar water heater, very short showers, free
BartcyclistI am going to substantially reduce my gas and electricity consumption by installing solar panels8.9
LuccyclistLess flying, less meat
HannekecyclistMore consumerist and second-hand, meat max 2 times a week, no car for all appointments within 10 km around home/train station and take the bike
Sander KokcyclistBuy no new stuff for a month and only second-hand if you have to
AnonymoussupporterBuy more second-hand clothes
BogiecyclistCold shower
Gerard van VeencyclistMore cycling to work, eating less meat.1.0
MVO NetherlandscyclistI am putting solar panels on my roof this year
Van der Wal TransportcyclistBuying less unnecessary stuff and if you do then 2nd hand as preferred option. Even more the train and / or close by as a starting point for holidays0.4
Maud - Invest-NLcyclistFew clothes, and only 2nd hand clothes and things
torbencyclistI buy less stuff and more second-hand, especially for my children.2.0
AniquecyclistBuying more second-hand items, taking shorter showers, trying to eat more vegan food, going on holiday by train1.0
Tom van Rest - Anexo Energycyclist3
peter nzvcyclistbuying less unnecessary things
JancyclistEating less dairy
VincentcyclistNo more aeroplane holidays and making the transition to veganism
BrechtcyclistContinue to watch my footprint and especially increase my handprint. As many people as possible to the "one planet liestyle".
Koen - KWDRMcyclistMaking the home more sustainable0.6
Max - ANBcyclistI want to further reduce the energy consumption of my home (now also solar panels), eat less meat and use the bicycle for all journeys where possible.
IriscyclistShorter showers, buying less stuff or second-hand if possible and eating less dairy products2.0
Ben Cycling4Climatecyclistinstall radiator foil, insulate better. cycle more, wash less, do not use tumble dryer more
ThijscyclistBuy 2nd hand furniture, and 2nd hand clothes where possible
pauliencyclistmaking my house more sustainable with a heat pump
Water Board Brabantse DeltacyclistMaking your home more sustainable and purchasing an electric car
Roelcyclistbuy sustainable products, less meat, more ov2.0
Robin QuaxcyclistCut back on dairy, replace boiler for heat pump, have more climate talks with people around me4.1
Menno - Bright CapecyclistUse electrical appliances more consciously (switch off instead of standby), eat (even) less meat2.1
MJcyclistCycling holidays, showering for 2 minutes at a time and, in the long term, becoming a member of a green political party.
SmitcyclistEat only local seasonal vegetables for a week.
anonymouscyclistcooking with local vegetables for a month
AnonymoussupporterMore cycling and less meat
Kenly Francisca - TensingcyclistCycle more often and insulate your house further
anonymouscyclistimprove house
AnonymoussupporterShorter showering
Labrador SemsupporterLess meat1.0
MartincyclistSell 1 car, fly less, use bike more, eat less meat.
Arjen MeurscyclistUsing less plastic packaging material3.0
MaikelcyclistInsulate our roof and fly less5.0
IriscyclistBuy durable or second-hand clothes, buy solar panels.
Harcyclistbuy less, trade in hybrid for full electric over time
Sustainable CyclistcyclistLess meat, more conscious dairy and sustainable home cultivation!
-cyclisteating less meat and giving things a second life
JoostsupporterI sincerely want to fly less!1.6
Jeroen C4Ccyclistsolar collectors, driving less, second-hand clothes
anonymoussupporterTake shorter showers and buy a water-saving shower head
CyclistcyclistShorter showers and more dairy products2.3
KNMI - Cycling 4 Climatecyclistinstall radiator foil, eat even less meat0.0
YvetcyclistA month of not buying new things and a month of eating vegan.
AnonymouscyclistTake the train more often
Rosscyclistsell a car, only have 1 for my family and use my bike instead
MarkcyclistFurther insulation of the house & shorter showering time
DeloittecyclistConsuming more consciously (clothing, food in plastic)
Wetterskip FryslâncyclistDoing most of the shopping by bike and not always taking the car for convenience.
HannekecyclistCook for a month with only seasonal vegetables2.0
Hans de VriescyclistWhenever possible I leave the car, and go on my bicycle as much as possible
AnnemiekecyclistGoing on holiday by train. Eating only seasonal vegetables and fruit2.0
J. van Rijen Wetterskip Fryslancyclistcycling instead of taking the car; no more flying for holidays
MatscyclistUse the bicycle more often instead of the car, take shorter showers, eat less meat0.5
Sander - Waterschap Brabantse DeltacyclistEat less meat and fish.
LotjecyclistBuy as little stuff as possible, second-hand if really necessary. Even less meat and dairy0.5
RogiercyclistLast year, I started to sail much closer to the wind (YTD: gas = -40%, electricity = -15%), partly due to my participation in the CC last year. This has raised my awareness enormously. I would like to inspire other people to review their choices. Personally, I look at when I can best invest in big changes: Solar panels, EV etc.
AKcyclistCommuting only by public transport
Kim Hermans, Ministry of Economic AffairscyclistLess dairy, more second-hand clothes1.1
lookcyclisttake the bike more often
JeankecyclistLess meat, less heating, more cycling
Milgrocyclist1) Shower 25% shorter + finish cold, 2) Commute: leave electric car at home more often - cycle even more
SebastiaancyclistUse less energy, install solar panels.
Vera - Cycling 4 Climate Rijkswaterstaat Lelystadcyclistusing the car less, installing solar panels
MarjoleincyclistBuy an electric car and have a heat pump installed.
national cycling teamcyclistmeat maximum 2 days a week and small trips by bicycle or public transport
MarccyclistDon't fly next year. Max 5 minutes shower
HannekecyclistI cycle as much as possible, consciously eat less meat and fish. I try to be more conscious about this and to make it a subject of discussion.2.0
KNMIcyclistDrive less, fly less, lower the thermostat by one degree
AnonymouscyclistEat no more meat
AnonymouscyclistInstalling solar panels
Rolf ter BekkecyclistHouse sustainability, less car use and less meat
Simonsupporterdonate to a good cause2.0
AnonymouscyclistApplying radiator foil
Mcyclistapply radiator foil in my house
ElinecyclistTaking the train on holiday
JoriscyclistMaking the house more sustainable! Convincing others that with a jumper, extra blanket, thermo or hat, they can do without heating in winter!0.6
Tessacyclisteating less meat2.0
FrankcyclistHouse preservation, less dairy
Wheeler 2022cyclistMore bicycles, less meat and making your home energy neutral within three years.
Wendelacyclistconsume less meat, dairy and new stuff
CathysupporterMore bicycles1.0
Sophie, supporter of KimsupporterSolar panels1.0
JeroencyclistMore carpooling with colleagues from the same region
MaxcyclistHeat pump
JoostcyclistLess meat and dairy
AnonymouscyclistSolar panels on the roof supplement the annual requirement including electricity for the electric lease car.
bramcyclistLeave the car at home more often, save water, reduce gas consumption.
Maroccyclistpurchase of a heat pump and eating less meat
StencyclistI will insulate my house this year to reduce my gas consumption
Jeroen - Sia PartnerscyclistMore cycling, shorter showers7.0
MauritscyclistEating even less meat and dairy
JappecyclistMaking house more sustainable by installing solar panels and heat pump
Anonymouscyclistcycle more to work and generate more (solar) energy
Remco Lotscyclistbuying less (new) stuff
jenscyclistfly less
Marscyclistno flying holidays!5.6
RikcyclistEat less meat, make your home gas-free, take the train on holiday, keep driving electric
Semcyclisttake the car less often to go cycling
anonymouscyclisttake the bike
ThijscyclistCycling whenever possible, weather or no weather. Eat half less meat. Train instead of plane, if accessibility permits.
AnonymouscyclistShorter showers1.0
LudocyclistLimit meat per week and buy more second-hand items
FeikocyclistBuying less stuff and eating less meat.
MarkcyclistRiding more bikes. Buying less stuff.1.0
CyclonecyclistBuy more 2nd hand items
AnonymouscyclistBuying second-hand and more durable items
C4C ArcadiscyclistEat less meat and ride your bike more often instead of your car
SandercyclistUse public transport instead of the car, eat less beef products
BasscyclistTake the bike or the train instead of the car or the plane next time you go on holiday
EmmacyclistNow for real: solar panels
RotterdamcyclistCommuting by bike, eating less meat and fish
EdwardcyclistI will drive even less and eat less meat
Renscyclisttry to buy some second-hand clothes
anonymouscyclistless to the office
EvacyclistI now need 1.1 earth. I am going to 1 earth level.1.0
WoutercyclistShorter showering
WilmacyclistI make my house more sustainable and cycle at least 10,000 km per year3.0
JaapcyclistCommuting by bicycle and no longer using the car for short distances
Mark C4CcyclistI will take shorter showers and ride my bike more often!
IancyclistEating less meat, being more effective with things/clothes2.0
IvocyclistReplacing dairy with vegetable alternatives as much as possible, buying fewer and more conscious things, more second-hand items instead of new, talking to my environment about the impact of our behaviour on the climate.1.0
JaspercyclistBuy less stuff, more when second-hand.2.0
rcyclistmore second-hand items
VeroniquecyclistI will eat less meat
MariannecyclistI will not buy any new clothes or stuff for a month. Furthermore, I am going on a bicycle holiday and I am going to have a climate discussion with 5 people in my neighbourhood!1.0
Ton-Cycling 4 Climatecyclisttake the bicycle
ArjencyclistFlying less next year
John - Climate Neutral GroupcyclistDo not fly for short holidays
NielscyclistMy car is already gone. Eating more locally produced food.
Paul - Cycling 4 ClimatecyclistOn your bike to work!
anonymouscyclistelectric car, solar panels, less dairy and meat
RobincyclistNo more flying for holidays2.0
SMTcyclistnext car no diesel, and more often on the bike to work.
Jules (C4C)cyclistBuy a new/larger set of solar cells.
Paul C4CcyclistConsuming less meat and dairy and more attention to sustainable investments through social media4.0
AnonymouscyclistSolar panels, next an electric car and more bicycles
AHcyclistMinimise consumption of meat and car kilometres5.0
ErikcyclistStop buying things you do NOT need
ErnestocyclistGet rid of the car and share the electricity
MarkcyclistBuying less stuff1.0
AnneliekecyclistBuy more second-hand, use less dairy8.0
RooscyclistEat less cheese & cottage cheese, glue radiator foil, be economical with electrical appliances
AnonymouscyclistLeaving the car at home more often and trying more vegetarian dishes.
Rens - Alliander C4Ccyclistmeat maximum 1 time per week
SjoerdcyclistBuy less stuff (and no unnecessary/too cheap stuff), cycle more and eat less meat0.5
Sjoerd - AlliandercyclistI go on holiday by train. I will mostly choose vegetarian and vegan alternatives in my diet. I will try to reduce consumption, especially when it comes to very polluting products, such as electronics
BartcyclistMore bicycles
JuliacyclistLess meat and less car driving
RichardcyclistBetter public transport so that people take the car even less or attractive bicycle plans.
WNZVcyclistas much as possible by bicycle, make the house more sustainable
HedwigcyclistSell my diesel camper
AnonymouscyclistMore bike rides to work
RogercyclistUse the car even less, be more critical when buying new things, take good care of the solar panels and keep the heating at a maximum of 19 degrees.
Erwin Mulder - econiccyclistBuying more second-hand, flying max. once every 2 years and eating less meat. In addition, we try to work, organise and live locally as much as possible.0.4
Liesse-LottecyclistTraveling more by train than by plane, buying second-hand products instead of new.
JeroencyclistDrive as little as possible, buy as little stuff as possible
CornelcyclistSmaller living
RutgercyclistNot buying a car for the next 5 years and continuing to do everything by bike/ov
StancyclistConsume as little as possible, put on clothes, don't eat meat, drive electric, inspire others to do the same.
Ronaldcyclistelectric car powered by its own solar panels1.5
Harmen - Neptune EnergycyclistImprove house insulation (window frames, HR++ glass). Reduce spending in all areas (gear, fish, car)11.0
MarloescyclistLess meat, making your house more sustainable and taking shorter showers1.0
MariannecyclistBuying less & more conscious stuff, more often second hand and more durable/recycled materials. Keeping the heating down in winter.
PaulcyclistTravel by public transport or bicycle as much as possible!0.2
Leviencyclistreduce energy consumption at home, less car, more bicycle4.0
-cyclistCycle to work more often
Sjoerdcyclisteat less meat and buy less stuff and clothes, at least be more aware of this
SuzancyclistMake vegan/vegetarian dishes more often1.0
BentecyclistBasing my meals on local seasonal vegetables, cooking more often vegan and this holiday taking the train + an electric car hire
AnonymouscyclistEating less meat and buying less stuff
TNO - FrenchcyclistSolar panels, here they come! (as soon as they can be delivered)
KvRcyclistI am going to cycle to the cycling4climate start! I will also leave my car at home on the next holiday and go bikepacking.1.0
JachucyclistEat vegetarian or vegan for a month
KoppiecyclistMore cycling and less meat.1.5
Tiemecyclistthinking about buying things, insulating the house and not flying
AnonymouscyclistEating less meat and leaving the car at home more often
Yvocyclistlooking for heat leaks in the home and fixing them
RikcyclistLimited dairy & one return flight in 2022
Dannycyclistno meat, no flying
Wimcyclistshower briefly and cold, avoid (plastic) packaging as much as possible
RikcyclistBuying less stuff, and if necessary looking at second-hand items first. Looking for a replacement for the bowl of cottage cheese
Rob, Greenchoicecyclist2 x by bike to work1.0
RoelcyclistMeat and travel to the office by train no more than twice a week
Aldert - BNP Paribas/ Change Inc.cyclistNo meat. Limited dairy. No flying holiday in 2022.6.2
SterrecyclistCut my dairy consumption in half and never go to the office by car again
RebelcyclistFor things (mainly electronics and clothing) the priority is now as follows: 1) second-hand, 2) refurbished and if that is not possible 3) new, but also preferably with recycled content.1.0
Koen - Cycling 4 ClimatecyclistReduce my footprint by 25% and also make my children aware of their impact.2.0
JacquelinecyclistI will continue to eat less meat and borrow the garmin this year. We will not heat the swimming pool this year and I will not fly but take the train!2.0
MeijecyclistCycle more, use less gas, eat home grown vegetables
Paul - Cycling 4 ClimatecyclistPostpone replacing things, see if I can get it repaired, eat less meat, fish and dairy5.0
MarksupporterWorking hard on the energy transition through the two energy cooperatives I co-manage.4.0
DaniëllecyclistEat vegetarian or vegan for a month
RoelcyclistDriving less. More cycling.
MarcelcyclistLess car mileage, less packaging material, less meat
-cyclistOn holiday in NL
RobertcyclistPostpone replacement items longer
NoortjecyclistReplace at least 1 planned holiday by plane with train, bicycle or the like1.0
WimcyclistTake the bike or the train instead of the car or the plane next time you go on holiday
Jelmercyclistfurther insulation of the house
SanderbcyclistLess no meat, less car more train bike, degree 19 in house and recycling
APPMcyclistNever fly again
YvonnecyclistNo more flying, less water consumption2.0
Jente - RijkswaterstaatcyclistI will take the train next holiday and work more from home to reduce my ov footprint.
PetercyclistLess meat and pure, more cycling, less car and more train2.0
MichelcyclistMore solar panels, eating less meat and using bicycles more instead of cars7.0
StefancyclistWhen buying things, I first look for second-hand and if that is not available I only go for new purchases
Bernadet - Cycling 4 Climatecyclistfood locally as much as possible (Herenboeren), solar panels and insulation in new house, less showering, less plastic, more second-hand clothes
Guido van der GrachtcyclistEating less meat, buying less stuff1.0
JaapcyclistTrade in two houses for one; take the train instead of the plane; cycle more often instead of the car; be more critical about whether I really need certain purchases and if so, buy more used or refurbished
Klaas - ArcadiscyclistShareholding in oil companies via Follow this; as many groceries as possible via Pieter Pot; never fly again (hopefully)3.7
Marcocyclistconsume less, dairy less, consider more second-hand, try not to fly and drive even less car
JoostcyclistConsume less, drive less, eat less meat, enjoy more3.1
Jaccocyclistcycle more often, install more solar panels
PaulcyclistSolar panels, more insulation in the home, more use of bicycles to work
JcyclistAvoid the car as much as possible. Use no plastic and grow your own vegetables.
Ruurd - C4CcyclistUse bicycles for half of the commute, cook more from your own garden, improve energy-saving measures in the home
GerritcyclistSolar panels, heat pump, cycling to work
AnonymouscyclistEat less meat, insulate house better
C4Ccyclistmore vega(n), more bicycle
LoescyclistTaking solar panels, taking shorter showers and cold showers as much as possible, buying less stuff1.0
sofiecyclistShorter showers, more second-hand goods, less plastic, more local and seasonal food.
Juan greenchoicecyclistLess plastic, slightly shorter shower
Martin - MovarescyclistLess meat, less tiles in the garden, more rainwater harvesting, consumerism2.5
AnonymouscyclistEating less fish and cycling instead of taking the car.
Annemarie - Holland Property PlazacyclistNo meat, avoid plastic packaging if possible, buy less clothes, move to an energy neutral house14.8
Michielcyclistpreserve your home, more second-hand clothes, more vegetables.
BramcyclistRealise solar panels and eat more of my own meat. After all, I am a hunter.
KNMIcyclistCar gone, switch to electric shared car10.0
ArnaudcyclistVegetarian food for a month (and shorter showers and more frequent public transport)3.0
JaspercyclistMaking my house more sustainable with a heat pump (= ordered), travelling less by car (especially holidays less far). Family visits by train2.0
[email protected]cyclistMore cycling, shorter showers
Diederik - Cycling 4 ClimatecyclistInstalling solar panels. Eating smaller portions of meat. Making children aware.
MarijncyclistTake shorter showers, insulate the house more and buy fewer clothes
Estelle - Waterschap Brabantse DeltacyclistMore on the bike to work. I can prevent the most emissions with this. In addition, when buying things, think more often "do I really need it".
MirthecyclistMeat-free weeks. Better insulation of houses.
Wilbertcyclistdrive less car (less km, more economical), eat less meat, less stuff
MerelcyclistInsulate house, eat less meat
MichelcyclistFewer car kilometres, more use of public transport, continue to make house more sustainable1.0
Jeroen Vanson - Greenchoice Business TeamcyclistTo myself: only buy refurbished electronics. To others: showing them around our A++ 30s house, explaining how nice shared transport is instead of owning a car and continuing to explain to others why I haven't flown in 5 years (and am still alive). Holidays by bike, shared car or train are also great!3.0
JeroencyclistTaking the bike to the office more often and paying attention to small and obvious changes in behaviour. Think less often of meat products/cheese on bread. Don't buy plastic bags, but take reusable ones with you from home. Compensate for packages online if they are offered.0.0
WoutercyclistNo flying, less travelling for work (working at home) and eating less meat with the family
NancycyclistDe-cluttering, buying a heat pump (already ordered), travelling by car less and by train more.2.0
MichielcyclistBy 2022, don't get on a plane, don't drive if you don't have to, shower for a maximum of five minutes a day and turn down the heating when winter comes.1.0
AnonymouscyclistBuying less stuff and using the bicycle in my hometown2.0
Paul - C4C - HPBikecyclistBuy less stuff and cycle more12.0
McyclistBathing less often, less water. More vegan food instead of veg now
LutskecyclistFloor insulation, cavity wall insulation, eating even less organic meat and buying less stuff
MartijncyclistEat plant-based food more often, buy less, go from a to b more consciously
MartijncyclistEngage more often in climate conversation with others.3.0
Municipality of RotterdamcyclistThis year I will be going on holiday by train and boat instead of flying. And energetically continuing and strengthening the Circular programme from the city of Rotterdam
VincecyclistTrying to eat vegan for a month, buying more second-hand items (marketplace, vinted), limiting flying to one return trip a year, taking shorter and colder showers.
AnonymouscyclistBuy less stuff/share more often
AnonymoussupporterNo meat no meat products no fish no cheese
KarlijnsupporterMake new house energy-neutral. One car gone and replaced by bicycle, public transport, sharing concept. Less meat, (even) less stuff6.1
Harry Waterschap Brabantse Deltacyclistenvironmentally friendly festivals roof insulation solar panels
FreekcyclistEntire house has new window frames and double glazing
Marloescyclistgo electric, meat or fish max 3 times a week and short trips by bike
Guidocyclist1. Lay solar panels. 2. Visit schools and explain the climate change and its consequences1.0
Michielcyclistarrange for radiator foil. Above all, this year I will again stick to taking short showers, not eating meat, not having a car and flying a maximum of once.
MirellacyclistTaking the bike instead of the car even more often, eating 1/3 less meat and buying even less new stuff.4.0
HayecyclistAfter meat, it's now the turn of dairy, our guilty pleasure at home. In addition, I want to replace window frames as an insulation measure and upgrade our house with a hybrid heat pump. Oh, and working even harder to reduce the number of cars.
Ton van Gorp - WBDcyclistLay solar panels
FerdinandcyclistEat less meat, but better quality meat.
Alfredcyclistadditional solar panels and heat pump
JeroencyclistVisit schools and explain the consequences of climate change.
Shaun - SuitcasecyclistPurchasing solar panels3.0
-cyclistBike instead of metro, and train instead of flying1.0
CyclistcyclistEating less meat and fish
JochemcyclistOffsetting CO2 by planting trees through trees for all7.0
AnonymouscyclistReducing travel miles: fly less and work more from home
Renz - GreenchoicecyclistUsing public transport more often instead of the shared car4.0
SaskiacyclistShorter showers, eating less meat, flying less and finally solar panels
Steffi - Waterschap Brabantse DeltacyclistDo as much as possible by bicycle
Melinacyclistmore vegan and less km by car (difficult!) but switching to electric
AnonymouscyclistTry more vegan variants of, for example, cheese & insulate your house
RutgercyclistCycling instead of driving4.0
EvacyclistI am already doing well in terms of my carbon emissions, so I want to motivate others to do something about it too: both people in my immediate surroundings and on a larger scale (government and companies) by taking action!
EsthercyclistWriting a thesis on sustainability and inspiring people. Continue to ask critical questions and possibly sell my bike.
Annelies BaxcyclistInspire my environment in a positive way to live more sustainably
AnonymoussupporterEating less meat and maybe driving electric in the future3.0
JancyclistShorter dock times, more seasonal vegetables and eating even less meat
KoencyclistMake my new house (yet to be built) as energy-neutral as possible, until then commit to making the apartment building where I currently live more sustainable1.0
Building housecyclistLess stuff. Taking the bike instead of the train to work. Meat once a week. Not showering every day.
Water carriercyclistNo new stuff for a year, second-hand at most. Buying a heat pump.1.0
FloorcyclistShorter showering4.1
PaulinacyclistBuy only second-hand stuff (as much as possible); do not fly; go on holidays by train; cycle rather than taking tram/bus/metro
MarijncyclistDespite electric car on solar panels driving less
Hylkecyclistquarter long no new stuff, and otherwise where possible 2nd hand5.0
Martijn van der ViscyclistI want to buy less stuff and travel less by car. If I buy stuff, more 2nd hand.
Lennart van der BurgcyclistAs a municipal councillor, work towards an even more active climate policy
OlecyclistNo more flying but taking the train on holiday
AnonymouscyclistI do enough already1.0
Erik - APPMcyclistNever fly again3.0
AnonymouscyclistTaking the train on holiday2.6
Fons JanssencyclistRaise €120 for climate-positive entrepreneurs in the Netherlands by ClimateCleanup
PaulcyclistNo more flying within Europe (where possible)
GijscyclistVega, second-hand & less stuff1.0
Martijn Platoon fillingcyclistRemove tiles from the garden so that rainwater can enter the ground, place more greenery. Eat less meat
Igor - Cooperative ZuiderlichtcyclistMore cooperative projects for A'dam energy co-op Zuiderlicht and fly less yourself22.0
DavidcyclistNo more fossil fuel kilometres. Further reduction of gas consumption at home. Continue to work at home for 50%. Use plastic-free detergents.
StephencyclistInsulation of house, solar panels on VVE agenda6.7
Endurance cyclistcyclistSolar panels at last
uncouthcyclistNo planes within Europe, more bicycles and trains! Eat less meat and shop more locally.3.0
Norbertcyclisteat (even) less meat and work (even) more at home2.0
Joke Koelewijncyclisttake a young person into the house, sharing our space + even more consistently take our own packaging to the shop2.0
Jens - AHcyclistLimit meat consumption to 1x per week8.1
BramcyclistAs far as possible, cycle to work.
Chickadee @C4CcyclistMore bicycles instead of cars and more vegetable food5.6
Marieke - Cycling 4 ClimatecyclistI will be cooking with seasonal vegetables for a month4.1
Samuel - Cycling 4 ClimatecyclistReduce packaging when shopping and buy second-hand furniture and appliances instead of new when furnishing my home.8.9
Master craftsman of C4CcyclistAt least 150 new members for the Rijne Energie cooperative! (and no new clothes this year)10.0
Astrid - Central EventssupporterI will cycle more often and halve my fish and meat consumption.
Petra - Cycling 4 ClimatecyclistI will become a climate coach6.7