Bike to A12 protest May 27

After all, fossil subsidies are crazy in times of climate change, aren't they?

Fancy a warm-up ride a few weeks before the Climate Classic? Saturday, May 27, we'll be cycling from all over the Netherlands to The Hague to support the nationwide climate action against fossil subsidies.

On and around the first stretch of the A12, a few thousand people are demonstrating for an end to the 30 billion annual fossil subsidies. Greenpeace, Milieudefensie, Urgenda and Partos, among others, showed solidarity during the previous demonstration and so will we this time. Of course, you choose whether to join the blockade of the A12 or show your support and be heard as an outside supporter.

On the morning of May 27, we will show as many cyclists as possible that it's time for an end to these ridiculous cash flows. Will you cycle with us? Join the Whatsapp group here in which we organize everything!

We are aiming to arrive at The Hague Central Station at 11:30, so there will be enough time to park bikes and walk to the demonstration location. Want to park your bike safely? Here you will find an overview of all (free) bicycle parkings in The Hague. The one at the Anna van Buerenstraat is closest to the location of the (support) demonstration!

The departure times are as follows:

  • Almere CS: 8:00 (+/- 90 km)
  • Amsterdam CS: 9:00 (+/- 60 km)
  • Breda: 8:30 (+/- 80 km)
  • Den Bosch CS: 7:30 (+/- 105 km)
  • Rotterdam CS: 10:15 (+/- 25 km)
  • Utrecht CS: 9:00 (+/- 65 km)


Stay up to date on all the news surrounding the A12 demo?

Then join this Telegram group of Extinction Rebellion. Especially on the day itself this is very useful in connection with possible last-minute adjustments to the program.


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