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Corona measures

In order to organise the Climate Classic in a responsible manner, we are introducing a corona-proof protocol. The same protocol has been tested during another event (‘Back on the Bike Ride’, 100 participants, organised by our partner Central Events). The event made it clear that is possible to organise a bike event despite the current corona circumstances. Long story short, the most crucial aspect pivots around keeping 1.5m distance. All other measurements for the event are listed on this page below..

If it appears that we cannot organise the Climate Classic on Monday 14th June due to a worsening of the corona situation, we keep a back-up date in mind: Monday 12 July. If scenario B does not work either, we will provide you with a partial refund (the C4C merchandise will be exempted from this and delivered per mail regardless since the order will have been processed with the manufacturer already).

Maximum number of participants

We have decided to limit the number of participants. This will allow us to organise a corona-proof event. Full = full.


In order to optimise the distribution of participants along the course we have decided to implement starting blocks of 15 minutes. Please do not arrive too early (or too late) at the event site: Ideally less than 10 minutes beforehand. Furthermore, we will set up barriers and signs to guide you to the start and finish locations. That will be in the form of one-way routes. We will do our best to facilitate this process in order to conform to the COVID-19 guidelines. 


While cycling in a group you are not obliged to keep 1.5m distance. However, we would still like to ask you to keep the 1.5m distance nevertheless. Participants are accountable to keep the distance to other participants and fellow road user at all times. We still live in a 1.5m distance society currently. As such we have decided on a route with wider and quieter paths, reducing the amount of traffic lights.  

Provision stops/breaks

Along the route we have set up a couple of stops where participants can re-fill their water bottles as well as grab a banana, a krentenbol (google is your friend) and/or a muesli bar. The stops are set up in a way to facilitate keeping the 1.5m distance through one-way paths. There will also be opportunities to go to the loo and to wash your hands. 


After the event participants can leave their bikes in the supervised bicycle parking stations (keep the distance, one-way paths). That means you can now enjoy a well-deserved drink on the terrace (keep the distance, it’s a large space). Again, we will do our best to remind you and instruct you whenever your covid-19 awareness drops for a second after your hard labour. We ask participants to shower at home. 

Additional measures

We advise all participants to wear a face mask at both the start-finish locations as well as the provision stops. The Climate Classic is not a public event, and we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that even though you are doing a fantastic job that deserves admiration from all your fans, they will have to congratulate you at home.