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Double Down, Triple Up

Climate ride at COP28

December 7th | 3:30 - 7:00 pm

Climate change doesn't negiotate.
At the COP28 restday we cycle.

The Global Renewables Alliance organizes a cycling ride & kiting event at the 28th Conference of Parties.

At the restday, Thursday 7th of December, we welcome you for an informal ride to experience cycling in Dubai, build your network and make a genuine climate commitment. Together we turn the tide.

The event will feature participation of high-level government, private sector and civil society representatives participating in COP28 as well as engagement of citizens and residents of Dubai.

PS: Although time is our only challenge… it will be a relaxed ride.   

PS2: off course only attend COP28 and fly to Dubai if you are sure your impact will be at least 1.000 bigger than the emissions of your flight! Thanks for being the change!

Climate Ride Dubai

The Climate Ride is organized by

Global Renewables Alliance

together with


These are the climate stripes. They show in one second how the average global temperature has increased since 1850.

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