Climate Classic

Time is our only challenge

On the 22nd of June a group of 30 more or less famous sport-enthusiastic and sustainability-minded people took on the challenge to cycle almost 400km in one day. The tour took us along the new – theoretical – NAP coast line in NL. The coast line might become reality if the rise in sea levels is not managed or contained in one way or another.

There is no time left to raise awareness around the dangers associated with the climate crisis and the rise in sea levels in particular. As a result we might see the entire Randstad area including its 9 million inhabitants affected directly. In the last century the sea levels rose 20cm. The predictions for this century average around 80cm. We need to avoid this at all cost.

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Why did we cycle along this costline?

We followed the coastline which lays on the NAP, short for ‘Normaal Amsterdams Peil’, which goes from Groningen to Goes. Without human intervention such as the construction of dikes and pumps for which the country is very well known, the NAP would be the actual coastline of The Netherlands. 

We are using the coastline as a metaphor, because it visualises the challenges associated with the climate crisis. Everyone in here in The Netherlands is impacted. Considering that a quarter of the country lies below the sea level (NAP), flooding is a real danger. 

By focusing on collaboration, agility and perserverance we can cycle 400km on a day. These are the same character traits which have kept the Netherlands safe from the sea and these are the same character traits which will help us in the climate crisis. We can prevent the NAP coastline from becoming reality.

Below you can find GPX files of the route:
>> Breda – Harderwijk
>> Harderwijk – Groningen

*click here for information over sea level rises by the KNMI.


The stripes which you can see in the background reflect the global
year-on-year change in temperature since 1850. Click here for more information.

Participants Climate Classic 2020

Are you interested to join in 2021? You can let us know here. You can already join the Cycling 4 Climate Strava club now!

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Our call to action for The Netherlands

“By cycling 400km in one day we want to show that you can get very far if you work together. This is a call to action for all citizens in The Netherlands, particularly the 1 million sport bicycle fanatics, to take the bike as often as possible.

Cycle to work or rent an OV-bike after a journey on the train. Even if the distance is a little further, the benefits might outweigh the costs. You get your fair share of fresh air and you can absorb the atmosphere, whether it’s the city life or nature. Much better so than if you were sitting in a car. At the same time you are reducing your CO2 footprint, contributing to a safer world for our children, and hopefully a ‘world at all’ for our grandchildren.”

"Wanneer komt het water?" - When can we expect the water?

Below you can find more information around the rise in sea levels and the impact on The Netherlands. Dutch only.

KNMI special over klimaat

“De laatste jaren stijgt de zeespiegel twee keer zo snel als in de twintigste eeuw – momenteel met tussen de 4 à 5 millimeter per jaar – en deze snelheid neemt steeds verder toe.”

Artikel in Politico

Illustratie: Steven P. Hughes

“The low-lying country has centuries of experience managing water. Now climate change is threatening to flood it completely.”

Artikel in de Correspondent

“Als het water ons eenmaal aan de lippen staat, is het (veel) te laat om er nog iets aan te doen.”