The Climate Classic

Time is our only challenge

The Dutch Meteorlogical Institute predicts that the sea level will rise 26 to 83 cm at the end of this century*.

Since the Netherlands is largely below sea level, with half of the 17million people living below sea level, this has major consequences for the Netherlands.

During the ClimateClassic we cycle along an imaginary new coastline in one day to draw attention to the consequences of climate change: A journey of almost 400 km.

On June 22 we will take this challenge. We leave Breda early in the morning and hope to finish in Groningen before sunset.

The Climate Classic and Climate Change have a number of similarities

Only together we can fight climate disruption and time is our only challenge

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* Information on sea level rise in the Netherlands can be found here.

The route and GPX-file will be posted soon. 
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Climate Challengers 2020

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When will the Netherlands disappear?

The low-lying country has centuries of experience managing water. Now climate change is threatening to flood it completely. Article of Politico

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Illustration by Steven P. Hughes for POLITICO